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A Discovery Worth Celebrating

Eurekos is an interpretation of the word “Eureka” from the Ancient Greek, which is an expression of joy or satisfaction for a new discoveries or invention.

When we formed Eurekos ten years ago, we were focused on delivering exceptional learning content to our customers, but we noticed that something was missing: There was no LMS that delivered exceptional content and also motivated and engaged employees, while giving instructors the tools they need to create content quickly, easily and effectively.

We changed all that. It is with great joy and satisfaction that we share our invention with you: Eurekos!

Meet some of the key people in

The Eurekos Team

Kenny Munck | CEO and Founder | Eurekos

Kenny Munck

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Nick Etlar Eriksen | CTO | Eurekos

Nick Etlar Eriksen

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Søren Rågård | VP Business Development | Eurekos

Søren Rågård
VP Business Development

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Sales and Marketing

Claus Pedersen | Sales Director | Eurekos

Claus Pedersen
Sales Director

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Emma Rytter Hansen | Head of Marketing

Emma Rytter Hansen
Head of Marketing

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Josephine Thrane Klinge | Sales and Event Coordinator | Eurekos

Josephine Thrane Klinge
Sales and Event Coordinator

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Service and Delivery

Benjamin Willum Funder | r. Strategy Consultant, Partner Development | Eurekos

Benjamin W. Funder
Senior Consultant,
Partner Support

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Omen Aminian | Senior Consultant, Instructional designer | Eurekos

Omeed Aminian
Senior Consultant, Instructional design

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Mads S. Beckwith | Project Manager | Eurekos

Mads S. Beckwith
Project Manager

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Back Office


Stine Gerhardt | Head of Administrator | Eurekos LMS

Stine Gerhardt
Head of Administration

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Victor Putyata | Director of Development | Eurekos

Victor Putyata
Director of Development

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Max Petyurenko | Technical Architect & CSO | Eurekos

Max Petyurenko
Senior Developer, Lead Architect

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The History of Eurekos

Eurekos Timeline Infographic | Eurekos LMS

Join the Eurekos Team

At Eurekos, we harness the talent of skilled and passionate innovators to help build a world where employees have the skills and tools they need to perform at their best.

If you’d like to be a part of this important mission, send your resume to careers@eurekos.com

Eurekos debuts on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems

Eurekos debuts on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems

Fosway Group – Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst released the Learning systems 9-Grid™. In an extremely crowded and highly competitive market, Eurekos was designated as “Potential Challenger” with one of the best “value for money” ratios and a strong market potential.

According to Fosway, the strong feature set, extremely user-friendly interface, integrated authoring and the very open architecture together with a high value for money are some of the major reasons behind the designation of Eurekos as a Potential Challenger.

Eurekos proudly sponsors

the Carey Institute for Global Good

The Eurekos team wants to make a difference by making learning accessible for everyone through technology that makes it easier, faster and more collaborative. That’s why we sponsor the Carey Institute for Global Good.

The Carey Institute for Global Good is dedicated to making the world better by contributing to a strong, educated and just society. Through its programs, the Institute strives to bring together innovative and dynamic people from around the world to address the most pressing issues of the day.

The video below shows the learning platform of the Center for Learning in Practice. A broad view from 10,000 feet in 2 minutes.

Carey Institute Logo-White-Text-Transparent-Background-PNG

Our success

comes from our customers’ success

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Romain G. | Digital Marketing Specialist E-learning portal | Eurekos Review

Romain G.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Elearning Portal Hospital & Healthcare

"Interface very modern, a lot of customization possibilities, and easy to manage daily for administrators. And the support is excellent. Very good streaming quality of videos. Great variety of tools to enrich the pages and offer a pleasant experience to the users."

Dr. Diana D. Woolis v2

Dr. Diana D. Woolis

Director, Center for Learning in Practice
Carey Institute for Global Good

"Eurekos is an intuitive, pedagogically smart learning environment for people who really care about learning design. Its multi-language capability and integration with social tools, such as twitter, make it a powerful tool for communicating and engaging people across critical knowledge-sharing channels."

Ulrik Minet | Get More Time

Ulrik Minet

Owner and Management Consultant
Best Practice Education

"I have tried at least 7 different LMS systems that all advertised that they had the very best system in the world. But I didn't succeed in achieving any of my goals. When I finally met Eurekos in 2018, I had the opportunity to develop online training. After 3 months, I had the first customer access Eurekos."

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