5 Tools for Success When Remote Working

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Recent studies show that even with many of us now being able to go back to work in the office, remote working is here to stay. Many employers and employees have reported an increase in job satisfaction and greater productivity as a result of the flexibility remote work gives us.

Of course remote working is not a new concept but up until the last year it has not always been an option for many. With numerous organisations re-thinking their working culture however it IS now becoming an option for many.

With the loss of inter-office collaboration, remote workers will require a different variety of tools to support engagement, motivation and productivity as well as their learning journey, to their office co-workers.

A large number of the Eurekos team work remotely and so we have put together our top 5 tools for success for remote working:


  1. Web conferencing – it’s not just for meetings. Use a web conferencing platform that allows you to create online co-working spaces, idea sessions, team building activities, and of course, learning.
  1. Learning and development program – having an L&D program that is accessible to your remote workers and monitoring progress is vital for employee engagement. It might be that the strategy is slightly different for your remote workers to those who are in the office. Online learning therefore is vital to your L&D program.
  1. Learning technology – the right learning technology for your organisation can revolutionise your employee’s L&D experience – from the use of video that gives you your own personal Netflix experience (Eurekos) to webinars, to 1000’s of pieces of content. Having easy access to this type of system will be key for remote workers (and all workers).

    Training and course delivery via a proper learning system is consistent since it is all in one place (see point 2). It delivers a consistent training and learning quality to all employees by supplying a single source for content, course materials and instructions as well as the opportunity for employees to provide feedback on their learning.

    It easily tracks learner progress and performance – it allows your organisation to generate training reports on an overall or user level basis. By utilising an learning platform for e-learning courses and your online training, you can easily track goal progress, knowledge gains, and more.

    It can help you to meet regulatory compliance 
    – many industries may be required to train, assess and report for compliance purposes. Just a few of these industries are oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, communications, and building and construction. A learning platform can help you satisfy these legal and regulatory requirements as it will record learner journeys and completion rates.


  1. Team chat apps – sometimes you want to speak to a co-worker instantly rather than going through the setting up a meeting process, which takes time. Using an app is a great way to stay connected and have a normal ‘human’ conversation rather than just using email, which can be formal and delay communications.
  1. Cloud storage – that you can access from anywhere is crucial for remote collaboration. In the simplest form, it can be saving a file to the shared folder so that all co-workers can see the latest changes or updates. Having version control is a key element so changes can be seen, and previous versions of a document can be referenced or rescued as needed.

By utilising these 5 tools the Eurekos team successfully navigates remote work across multiple time zones. Incorporate them into your organisation today to support your remote workforce.

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