August 2017 | Release Notes

Release notes 2017 | Eurekos

E-commerce, YouTube live streaming, Jitsi Web Conferencing, Office365, xAPI and Right to Left


Eurekos has just been updated with improvements and wishes from clients in this August 2017 release. A release focusing on integration, internationalisation and supporting leading standards.


■ E-commerce supporting multi-currency and online payment using PayPal.

■ YouTube integration for Live streaming.

Jitsi integration for Web conferencing.

■ Office365 integration for calendar synchronisation.

■ xAPI course import has been added for Eurekos AND as an option for H5P interactive learning tools. We have shared this with the H5P community.

■ LTI 1.1 support.

■ Full localisation of RTL (Right to Left) for languages such as Arabic and others.

■ A long list of continuous UX improvements which includes specific focus on even better mobile/tablet support.


974 prioritised improvements totalling 7.680 hours have been included in this release for you.


Give your course administration online payment and e-commerce


Utilise the advantages of automatic enrolment to your courses show them off on your own store front. Eurekos adds e-commerce and the ability to build an online store the usual Eurekos way: easy!

■ You can display beautiful course description pages, taking advantage of the innovative authoring tool used to build your courses in general. Allowing single sourcing of your content, letting you re-use videos and elements you want to promote.

■ Total video length, number of tests and resources are automatically created and added to your course descriptions.

■ PayPal Pro as payment provider for debit/credit cards and online payments. It is a modular expansion and other payment providers can be added.

Illustration showing the view a course administrator see when creating a course description.

The e-commerce module is a major focus in the next 3 months. We will have major new features, cross-selling, recommendations and much more.


Live steaming via YouTube

Connect your Google+ account on Eurekos and use the calendar inside Eurekos to schedule live streams from your YouTube channel. Live stream from your phone, auditorium presentations or from other popular events.

Invitations with direct link to the live streaming are automatically sent and updated in recipients calendars just like you would expect any other calendar event to behave.


Web conferencing with Jitsi

The Jitsi community driven project offers great web conferencing and a no-hassle interface. Jitsi will work on the leading browsers and include mobile and desktop apps.

In Eurekos you simply schedule an event as a web conference and everyone you invite will automatically be able to click the link.


Office365 calendar synchronisation

Eurekos now offer calendar synchronisation with Office365. Users connect their office account and all calendar events are synced from Eurekos to their personal calendar, meaning that they will show up on their phones, watches and laptops with reminders, as they are used to.

Eurekos creates new calendars (colours) to separate them in personal calendars and enable a simple “hide” or remove option. Easy management!

■ Calendar events and Team events covering Web Conferencing and Live streaming events.

■ Assignment due dates for individual and Team assignments.


xAPI/SCORM content in H5P and Eurekos

xAPI compliant work can now be imported to Eurekos from any of other content authoring tool. It gives the course designer total freedom to include content produced anywhere and combine it with the built in online authoring tool.

■ xAPI and SCORM content will work alongside other course, appear in the same course lists and be managed like courses built in Eurekos

■ Our contributed H5P widget will now also support xAPI and is shared with the community.

LTI 1.1 support

LTI (Learning Tools Integration) allow you to plug in compliant apps and tools compliant with this standard from the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS). Typically consuming e-books, presentations, video tools and other subject specific tools.

Eurekos acts as a consumer and this can be used to interface and integrate to other services with less cost and time involved.


RTL – Right to Left localisation

This release also constitutes the official release of RTL with a mirrored interface for all Right to Left languages. All Eurekos page views, including calendars and input fields are all localised to the language properties.

Showing a flipped course list, buttons and options localised. 3rd party integrated products may not be localised to the same degree.

If you want to know more about the Arabic version of Eurekos. please contact Karam Mehana, who is maintaining this.


Video player and automatic bit-rate detection

The new video player has been updated and simplified for an even better user experience. It is even more simple to use and in perfect harmony with the built in streaming video service.

The no-hassle features include:

■ Streaming video and integrated video administration.

■ Automatic bit-rate detection for optimum streaming experience.

■ Slides for navigation and timing, changing automatically – also in full screen.

■ Slide/video swap focus.

■ Video playlists and auto-play next video.

■ Continue from where you left.

■ Playback speed control for the impatient.

■ Full mobile and tablet support.


The video player is fully integrated into the course authoring interface and video streaming service for a point and click operation for all administrative purposes.


Using advanced resources in communication

It has long been a wish from our users to embed some of the advanced features and interactive resources as part of the communication stream.

You can now insert:

■ Videos and Playlists from the video administration.

■ More than 30 interactive tools and gamification elements from H5P.

Copy the URL and insert them directly in communication feeds. They will expand and be “playable” right there.


The auto-expand also includes YouTube and Vimeo URLs, which makes the the experience better and more direct.


Other important updates

■ SCORM statistics has been updated to include the full definition.

■ A new role (Site admin) has been introduced and is part of an upcoming roadmap activity for the “Easy theming project”.

■ New translation interface.

■ Statistics now include external video sources such as YouTube.

■ H5P is updated to the newest public version.

■ API for Google/YouTube/GDrive to latest version.

■ More than 20 improvements for mobile experience.

■ User experience improvements for the Course Builder.

■ Major improvements to the help system to allow customised and role based suggestions.

■ Security updates. These include geo-location login and warnings to users with strange behaviours and security measures on malicious files and scripts.

■ H5P management usability updates allow editing objects from the preview.

■ Deep linking- redirecting users to the content rather than the parent.

■ Copy/paste page content for course builder has been moved from the edit mode to the context sensitive menu.

■ Assignment notification for assignment/submission updates as option.

■ Autofocus on replies/comments has been improved.

■ New user import in xlsx format. Export class in xlsx format.


The full list includes many other minor bug fixes and user experience improvements.

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