December 2018 I Release Notes

New and Improved in Version 5:

  • Content Marketplace
  • Social Content Creation
  • Fully automated Content Tagging
  • General improvements and updates


Content Marketplace

This release of the Eurekos LMS brings global organisations and their partners together through a unique content eco-system. It’s now easy to download, share and individually adapt copyrighted material within the Content Marketplace.

The marketplace includes innovative features that aren’t offered by any other course content integration. Standard content from our Content Partners can be edited, re-purposed and personalised while still being copyrighted as an enterprise service.

Users can now download great content and customize the “10%” they need for their purposes and they can re-use learning snippets from other trainings. Courses end up as editable elements and available in content archives, video streams, etc.

  • Fully copyrighted management on the content exchange.
  • Allows direct online editing and copyright restrictions on learning snippets.
  • Tracks cash flow between content providers, solution partners and end clients.
  • Pay-per-use and enterprise licensing.
  • Setups for Content Providers, Solution Partners and End Clients.


Listen to our webinar held in november and get an introduction to the first version of the content marketplace:

Social Content Creation

Now includes next-level social collaboration for course designers and reviewers, so they never again fail an audit for compliance and versioning of their training material.

  • Individually tracks historical revisions on course pages with change records.
  • Can now lock pages in edit mode and lock structural changes within the editing interface and the Course Builder.


End of Content Anarchy with Fully Automated Tagging

After years of research, we have developed technology to end content anarchy once and for all! You will now know which file was used in the training, which videos are no longer in use, and if so, where they’re at. This solves big challenges for bigger organization with more content.

This release features global, single-sourced archives with zero possibility for losing control. You now have fully automated tagging across all learning materials, videos, interactive elements, documents, images and other files. No more content anarchy.

  • Everything is tagged automatically during use. This includes course tagging for business line, job function, course id, etc.
  • Any tag changes are automatically updated on all related materials.
  • The global archive supports social content creation with zero possibility of loss of control.
  • Removing objects, videos and links from materials cleans up tags automatically across single source items that are used in multiple relations.

As part of this release, your existing archives are already updated.


Additional General improvements

The following are some highlights from hundreds of improvements in this release:

  • Eurekos API now supports archives, videos and H5P with tagging.
  • Eurekos API has been expanded with courses, thumbnails and activities.
  • Multiple performance improvements.
  • Videos and playlists are now presented in the same view along with fully automated tagging update and search function.
  • Additional functionality for bulk registrations. Includes global lookup on user profile options to assign “this job function” from “this country” to “this training activity” with multiple filters. This allows mass registrations with just a few clicks and includes detailed issue reports for registrations.
  • Bulk user management for administrators includes additional profile data that’s similar to bulk registration.
  • General security improvements and PEN test.
  • Multiple API enhancements for data management in pursuit of upcoming roadmap elements.
  • Multiple updates for user experience: many enhancements from automatic thumbnails to simplifying flows and quintessential feature improvements for high detail level.


New and Improved in Version 6.

Introduced end of January 2019:

  • Easy Theming
  • xAPI statistics expansion
  • General improvements and updates


Easy Theming

The Eurekos product design philosophy is focused on removing clutter and making things easy. With this release we have made it even easier and faster to theme your platform. This allows a “graphics agency” approach where you can change primary and secondary colours, fonts, etc. with only a few clicks to perfectly match your brand standards.

  • Easier approach to creating your visual profile in only a few clicks.
  • More options to set individual font changes on course pages.

This is a big first step in a grand plan to make extremely easy theme customization for your Eurekos platform.


xAPI Analytics

With each release, we develop additional statistics and learning analytics, since this is a high priority for the Eurekos LMS. For this release, we have implemented several noteworthy improvements:

  • The statistics from all roles are tracked, not just learners.
  • User Roles higher than instructor will be able to drill down and access instructor dashboards to access learner statistics.
  • All supported data on H5P elements are included in the data collection. This is a massive amount of data and is a great source for business intelligence and artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • New simple exports are available for Admins to quickly track learner progress.


Additional General improvements

  • Security tokens on streaming videos include deliberate public/private settings as far down as on the individual video level. You can also share links for a customized period of time.
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