Eurekos Top 20 LMS for 2021

Craig Weiss of Craig Weiss Group, and recently released his list of 2021 top 20 Learning Systems. Eurekos is #13 on this year’s list. Listed as the “System to watch in 2021!” and he couldn’t be more correct. Eurekos is evolving faster than almost any LMS on the market today to assist companies with training needs across both B2B & B2C. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this jump into the top 20 as we continue to plan for feature Release 10 later in Q2 of 2021. Release 10 will offer some of the most valuable features and advanced functionality on the market. Release 9 made major changes to the Ui/UX and added robust features and support for over 100 languages so imagine what we’ll do in 2021. Learn more about Release 9.

In the meantime, read Craig’s post for the 2021 top learning systems, his approach and some key takeaways or schedule your Free Demo w/ Eurekos founder this month to learn how Eurekos is changing learning management.

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