January 2017 | Release Notes

Release notes 2017 | Eurekos

This release notes cover development from October-December 2016. The focus has been a very strategic ambition to set the standard for seamless integration, unified architecture and to offer the best user experience on a learning platform.

■ User Interfaces (UI) to improve User Experience (UX) and in a unified form to enable a broad support of WCAG20 and WAI-ARIA more comprehensively

■ Integration of 3rd Party Learning Tools for digital testing with seamless interfaces to use them easier than ever

■ International standards for xAPI, LRS with interfaces and analytic visualisations for benchmarking

■ Strategic implementation of Adaptive Learning

■ Allow co-creation by students on several levels and design their own learning – enabling the structure to achieve this from an architectural perspective

■ Central archive – first step to a cross-platform archive across major cloud sources and environment wide search

■ Architecture to import/export courses and content on both aging and modern technologies seamlessly

More than 5.000 hours of development has been spent improving Eurekos in this release.

New video administration interface

All user interfaces in the the video administration has been updated and both user experience and performance has been improved. Interfaces and been simplified and match the of the new user guidelines.

■ Course building tools have been updated to support the new structure

■ Full-screen and fully responsive (mobile friendly).

Video and Playlist | Eurekos

New central archive

The all new archive has more than just good looks and great usability. The fundamental structure has been updated and even a public/private setting has been implemented. This allow for file sharing and matching file sharing options known from Dropbox, Google and Office365 – an example of an item from our roadmap for a cross-platform archive.

■ Big icon or list view

■ Shared and my files view

■ Security updates

■ ID file management (links to documents are always current even if file names are changed or the files have been moved to other folders)

■ Implementation of aviary.com image editor

■ Interfaces have been simplified and match the new user guidelines.

Learning tools integration from H5P

The learning tools from H5P have been fully integrated with a central learning tools repository to enable sharing across the organisation. Learn more in the previous blog post about H5P interactions in Eurekos.

■ Great user experience, visual repository with thumbnails

■ Central repository with permission control

■ Search and categorization of interactive learning objects

■ Unique interfaces with point and click – no HTML codes needed

■ Cloning and reusing learning objects from others, including translations

■ xAPI support for learning analytics

■ Integrated in the course builder for adaptive learning and restriction

■ Integrated to course building tools

Learning Analytics

Our fundamental approach to learning analytics is focused on benchmarking and analytics to improve learning results. See more in the blog post on analytics.

■ Built in learning analytics with live data and a separate LRS – fully standard

■ Direct support of H5P learning tools in course building

■ Progress and benchmarking for teachers and students, individually

Course Builder v3

The essential course builder all users of Eurekos simply love to use has reached version 3. We have been very careful to make delicate updates not to ruin everything you are used to. But updates are major on usability and interface.

■ Generate courses in an instant. No progress bar needed

■ New and better interfaces, rewritten dialogues and interfaces

■ New course builder (courses) list page and new filters and options

■ New Combi-course generation with updated user experience

■ Adaptive Learning support on high level – enabling courses on basis of tests on single and combi-course level to open sections

■ 5 requested structural features for learning path restrictions

Add combicourse _ Demo 2017-01-10 16-16-16
Skærmbillede 2017-01-10 kl. 16.14.30

On-boarding of new users

We have implemented the awaited on-boarding for new users. Essential functions are “suggested” to users 3 times when they enter a new page or try a function the first time.

This will make it even easier on-board new users to even advanced tasks and get the going really easy. Let’s face it…no one likes to spend time reading guides or looking for help unless absolutely necessary.

Notification scheme

The notification scheme has been updated, simplified and personalized. One of the most important “invisible” elements which should be restrictive, balanced and flexible enough to make users interact just at the right level.

Improvements include:

■ Notifications expanded to support a broader level

■ Instant notifications between specific users (@user mention function)

■ Personalised emails and sources are extended to all new functionalities

■ On-screen notifications to confirm user actions improve user experience

Other updates

Along with this release several hundred hours have been spent on updating many other parts of Eurekos and the components underlying. A few examples:

■ Flowplayer updated to latest version, fixing a number of known issues

■ Security updates on both OS and code level

■ Integrations to Google API updated

■ Help system translated to Dutch

■ Course Builder version 3 on iPad

■ …along with +600 other individual development tasks

We plan for major quarterly updates. Minor updates as required.

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