July 2019 | Release Notes

New and improved Eurekos version 7.4


  • Upgraded course overview with multiple activity types
  • Expansion and improvement of site settings
  • File list widget
  • New layout for account settings
  • On-boarding tool

Upgraded course overview with multiple activity types

The new release includes a simpler and cleaner course catalog. Several customers requested a course overview with only the name of the course and price. Later in the process, they will be able to decide how they want to complete the course. The purpose is to optimize the buying process and make it easier for users to navigate between courses.

This will also affect the course page. You will only need to create one page for each course. This means that learners can access one page and then choose whether to complete the course online, blended or in a classroom. This will improve and simplify the completion of an enrollment.

Expansion and layout improvements for site settings

Thanks to customer feedback, we released a new site setting layout that is easier on the eye, but more importantly, easier to use. The main difference is cleaner and clearer structure under each site setting. The site setting expansion and improvements includes:

Try mock up here

File List Widget

Instructors and learners will be able to insert and/or access Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, local archive folders into course pages and a file list will be generated for end users.

Archive Folder Course Materials Available

New profile settings layout

We have made it easier to manage profile settings. The new layout is designed to help make it easy to maintain your own account, login and connect with your social accounts to achieve even more with Eurekos.

Before After

  • Clear structure for translation interface
  • Better appearance configuration, with ability to add own login-page backgrounds
  • Appropriately grouped third party service connections
  • Configurable fields, so playform admins can decide which fields should be available in forms and profile page
  • Ability to configure content on standard course pages. Customize your platform even further. You are now able to configure the standard courses pages to suit your organization’s exact needs.
  • In Language Management, we have now placed all the e-mails in their own subpage – so, you won’t have to scroll through all the former variables
  • Clearer commerce, store front, and general settings

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Onboarding tool

Onboarding for platform administrators will make it easier to decide and plan which activities and/or teams have to be auto-assigned to users with specific roles and/or job functions.

Onboarding | Eurekos LMS | Release 7.4

Top 10 popular courses by date.

It is now possible to see the results of your commercial campaigns for your courses, or get evidence of which training your employees has the most interest for. Eurekos now offers you the possibility of defining the exact period in time for your top 10 courses.

Popular courses | Eurekos LMS | Release 7.4

Other Updates:

Release date

This release is an optional exclusive upon request. Updates from 7.4 will be part of the general release 8 scheduled for January 2020.

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