June 2019 | Release Notes

New and Improved in Version 7.2-3:

  • Ability to go fullscreen on courses
  • New integration with 23videos
  • QR code files now include page titles
  • Local Image Editor
  • Other Updates

Ability to go fullscreen on courses

With the new ”Fullscreen Feature” in the Eurekos Learning Platform, you are now able to run all or some of the course in full screen mode”. This gives you the opportunity to build and experience learning content in new ways and in various extended scenarios.

A ”Course Page” is no longer just a part of a linear learning experience. It can be used and managed as learning elements – An on-demand, one page learning experience activated by a QR code on a product, in use, or as an embedded content element behind a hot spot on a standard image or VR360 image or video.


The existing templates can also be used as containers for small “one element” learning objects such as video or a hot spot images, pre-assessment tests or quizzes. These elements play a significant role in engaging and motivating your learners – running isolated in full screen. The learner data will be stored in the Learner Record Store.

New integration with 23Videos – Video Platform

TwentyThree Videos | Eurekos LMS | Integrations

TwentyThree and Eurekos have partnered to deliver an innovative way of using video in training and knowledge sharing. Integrating TwentyThree enables you to host, distribute, track, edit, and analyze your videos across channels. The video integration with the Eurekos Learning Platform makes it possible for you to run and manage all your videos from one platform.

TwentyThree serves over 300 brands including Audi, Spotify, Carlsberg, Telia, Novo Nordisk and more. Some of the best marketing teams in the world are using TwentyThree to power their video marketing strategy with audience analytics, video tools, social video scheduling, live streaming and webinars.

File with QR code for course page contains page title

On demand access | QR codes Dynamic Environments | QR codes QR Generator | Eurekos LMS | Features

The first version of the QR was released recently, which makes it possible for you to integrate physical environments directly into your learning platform with the Eurekos QR learner code engine. QR codes have become the next generation of “Training on Demand” interfaces to put training at your fingertips and engage learners with one-to-one VR360 learner experiences. Learn more about the QR-Code engine here.

In the updated version we added a title to the QR code file. This makes it easier for the user to identify and manage large numbers of QR codes.

Local Image Editor

In release 7.1 we announced the launch of a new image editor. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet our demands regarding simplicity and quality. In this release, we built our own Local Image Editor that gives you the tools necessary to rotate and crop images while securing the quality of your images.

Other updates

  • Users retain access to assignments, even if an activity is completed
  • Platform administrator get access to translations import/export
  • Navigation widget on module page style changes – See the new style here.
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