Learning Analytics in Eurekos

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Our fundamental approach to learning analytics is focused on benchmarking and analytics to improve learning results. This includes elements of gamification, and progress tracking in relation to peers.


Eurekos offer great visualizations for students and teachers and it is just ridiculously easy to use. In fact, there is NOTHING to it at all. Literally speaking.

■ Data visualizations are INSTANT and live

■ Integrates to H5P interactive learning tools


Figure 1 – Student view: See results from a number of tests, videos and page views with benchmarking against the average of his class.


Figure 2 – Teacher view: Shows general progress and each student can be clicked to show more details. Arrows in red and green indicate that this student deviates from the rest. The view can be expanded to show details.


International standards

Eurekos features xAPI (eXperience API) and a LRS (Learning Record Store) to accumulate learning statistics. The LRS is disconnected from Eurekos and is completely standardised in terms of being interchangeable, adaptable, can be used with other LRS’s and can receive data from other systems.

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