May 2019 | Release Notes


New and Improved in Version 7.1:

  • Customized Certificates
  • H5P for Learners
  • Simple and Advanced User List
  • New Image Editor
  • New selection criteria
  • Login with Office.365

Customized Certificates

Administrators are now able to customize all certificates with text alignment, color and configure font family & size. Custom fonts can be uploaded upon request.

Customize Alignment & Color

Configure Font Family & Size

H5P for Learners

New to our fully integrated H5P tool, Learners can insert H5P objects into own posts/comments in teams and communities. This provides an engaging and interactive discussion between learners. This feature can be activated by request.

H5P for Learners

Simple and Advanced User List

A large amount of Administrators requested a more simple view on the full list of users. In Release 7.1 Administrators can switch between a simple/advanced user list.

Simple and Advanced User List

New Image Editor

The New image editor is here. Eurekos added a new built-in image editor for making changes to images directly on your platform. Editing tools include cropping, aspect ratio, brightness, saturation, and contrast. Any changes you make using the editor will permanently change the uploaded images. We recommend backing up your original image files.

New Image Editor

New selection criteria

In Release 7.1 instructors can select a specific organization for your course. This means that there is a new logic for organization filter on user list:

  • A user who is connected to an organization will see both courses with the same organization and courses without an organization attached
  • A user who is not connected will only see courses without an organization attached.

Note that organizations can be used for your affiliates e.g. partners, customers or internal divisions

Blue= Organization attached to either course or user.
Green= Organization not attached to either course or user

Login with Office.365

If you have enabled social login you can allow users to use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin accounts as login, connecting them to the platform. No credentials are saved in Eurekos—this follows all protocols from the appropriate 3rd party providers. New to the list: Login with Office365.

Login with Office365
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