Minister of Education speaks with master students of Hogeschool Utrecht

News room | Minister Van Engelshoven

Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven (D66) visited Hogeschool Utrecht Monday afternoon, November 27th. She spoke for an hour with students and teachers from the Institute of Archimedes (teacher training).

It is one of the first times that she visited a university of applied sciences as a minister. Van Engelshoven is minister at the department of Education, Culture & Science and has higher education, science, culture and emancipation in her portfolio.

Relaxed by a cup of tea she heard the presentations of the students in a room on the ground floor of Padualaan 99. ‘Look, you have won a prize’, she says with satisfaction after a video of the team that competed in America for a competition for the most sustainable home. She also asked interested questions. “How does such a project come about?” “Who pays for this?” “How is this interwoven in the course?”

Online platform

The students of Archimedes were also able to count on her interest. They presented a platform where teachers around the world can design their lessons online. Key words are blended and personalized learning. The minister was enthusiastic. ‘You are in charge of the teaching method that you use’, she concluded. From the students she received a voucher with passwords so that she can log into the system.

Eurekos in institute of Archimedes

Eurekos is used by teachers and students of the Archimedes Institute with and even won its own name “StHubl”. Students are producing fantastic work of almost any imaginable topic through the easy-to-use interfaces. The ability to combine Blended Learning and Learning Teams is also supported and facilitated through Eurekos.

It is inspiring to see how students combine different elements and many types of digital tools and expressions from around the world. ‘This is what we have always hoped for, when we designed Eurekos in the first place’, states Nick Eriksen, one of the founders of Eurekos.

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