January 2020 | Release 8

Overview of major improvements

  • Advanced Course Administration
    • Bundled activities
    • Activity based price
    • Reserve seats
    • Minimum No. of seats workflow
    • Waiting lists
    • Sign-up and cancellation self-service
    • Schedule with unknown dates
    • Add sign-up to existing team
    • Restrict access to variable schedule
    • Re-assign to other activities
    • …and more
  • Updated course overview with multiple activity types
  • Stripe as additional payment gate
  • Salesforce integration
  • Multiple simultaneous currencies and price manager
  • QR codes with anonymous access
  • LMS wrapper – embed Eurekos in other systems
  • Resume where you left off
  • Configurable input fields
  • Expansion and improvement of site settings
  • On-boarding tool
  • File list widget with Dropbox, Onedrive and GDrive integration
  • New layout for account settings

Bundled activity

This allows creating complex course administration and signing up once for several independent training activities, potentially with changing instructors, certificates, venues and dates over several days and weeks. However, it is enrolled and even purchased as a single entity.

Activity based price

Standard prices for courses are overruled if a particular training activity has a price entered. This allows special cohorts of learners, special offers with training in specific intervals to have optional price tags and with multiple currencies.

Activity based price

Reserve seats

Reserve e.g. 10 seats for users for a training activity for a specific client or request and convert them into actual identified sign-ups at a later stage.

Minimum seats

Course administrator is notified if minimum number of seats are not met within a defined schedule to take appropriate action.

Minimum seats

Waiting list

Users may enrol to a waiting lists if no seats are left, even when enrolled as a group or through other roles. They can manually be converted to sign-ups once more seats are organised or cancellations are received. This can be supported by a customised flow of reminders to the course administrator for managing users on waiting lists.

Cancel participation (user self-service)

A user can now cancel his participation on a training on his own, with reference to terms and conditions. No refunds or otherwise are managed automatically and is carried out manually.

Schedule activities without known dates/location

Dates and Location may be added after activity has been created while still allowing the process of enrolling with information about dates and location to be defined at a later stage.

Adding course events to any calendar

Events can be automatically added to the user’s own private or corporate calendar with a single operation from the confirmation of any enrolment. This adds multiple events if available.

add to calendar

Other updates related to Course administration

  • Location in activity form will be shown in expanded format.
  • Reminder management, so course admin can undo previously completed tasks.
  • Re-assign signup to another activity (by course administrator only). This will also keep user statistics, if it has been generated.
  • At the time option on alerts.
  • Re-activate expired signup
  • Allow adding sign-ups from other training activities to the same team, combining and maintaining larger communities of practice with ease.
  • Restrict access to course N days (dynamic variable) before training is started.
  • Optional order confirmation for administrators: An administrator has an optional choice of receiving a copy of the order confirmation for safe keeping when enrolling users. This is supported in all work- and purchase flows.
  • Organisation import: Organisations can be imported to allow simple upload of reseller/distributor/department structure to eliminate manual creation of large quantities.
  • Users can now be connected to several organisations and Managers can handle several organisations.
  • Scheduled user creation welcome email:When creating new users it is now possible to schedule their welcome email to a specific time in the future to accommodate enrolment and controlled training sessions. Supported for both mass import and single user creation.

Updated course overview with multiple activity types

The new release includes a simpler and cleaner course catalog. Several customers requested a course overview with only the name of the course and price. Later in the process, they will be able to decide how they want to complete the course. The purpose is to optimize the buying process and make it easier for users to navigate between courses.

This will also affect the course page. You will only need to create one page for each course. This means that learners can access one page and then choose whether to complete the course online, blended or in a classroom. This will improve and simplify the completion of an enrollment.

Stripe as payment gate

Stripe (https://stripe.com) has been added as an alternative payment gate to PayPal, which is already supported. Connect your stripe account an enable easy online payment using credit cards.


Salesforce integration

Now featuring integration, taking advantage of the HEDA module in Salesforce, allowing users to be auto-created from Salesforce and automatic sign-up to training activities and courses while syncing completion data back to Salesforce.


Multi-currency and Price Manager

Management of multiple currencies simultaneously enables specific pricing based on user’s country setting. Added to support advanced enterprise clients on global markets. This includes a convenient price manager for easy management of courses and activities, in one simple overview.

QR code with anonymous access

This will allow users to access content without having to log in or identify themselves – e.g. access a guidance video and other material through a QR code sticked to a product, printed in documentation or on a voucher as part of a promotion. This feature need to be activated on your platform as it has special license terms. Contact us, if this is relevant to review commercial benefits.


LMS wrapper – embed courses in any other LMS

Allow a Eurekos course to be shared to SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS as part of your client offering – e.g. when some of your clients and partners wants to embed material in internal solutions elsewhere, this is the solution. Users will still have to exist inside Eurekos, as content is still executed from your platform, which ensures.

Some limitations may apply, depending on the use cases.

Resume where you left off

Learners will be promoted to continue where they left off, as an option, when they re-visit a course next time. This works as a direct link to the last course page they clicked and will work in addition to any other records on the learner – e.g. the specific position in a video and playlist.


Configurable input fields

This update lets the Platform Admin change title and status of all standard input fields on: User profile, sign-up & user creation, user import and order flows to match the taxonomy and flow you need.

Expansion and layout improvements for site settings

Thanks to customer feedback, we released a new site setting layout that is easier on the eye, but more importantly, easier to use. The main difference is cleaner and clearer structure under each site setting. The site setting expansion and improvements includes:

  • Clear structure for translation interface.
  • Better appearance configuration, with ability to add own login-page backgrounds and background image for the platform and each organisation.
  • Appropriately grouped third party service connections.
  • Configurable fields, so playform admins can decide which fields should be available in forms and profile page.
  • Ability to configure content on standard course pages. Customize your platform even further. You are now able to configure the standard courses pages to suit your organization’s exact needs.
  • In Language Management, we have now placed all the e-mails in their own subpage – so, you won’t have to scroll through all the former variables.
  • Clearer commerce, store front, and general settings.
Try mock up here

File List Widget

Instructors and learners will be able to insert and/or access Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, local archive folders into course pages and a file list will be generated for end users.

Archive Folder Course Materials Available

New profile settings layout

We have made it easier to manage profile settings. The new layout is designed to help make it easy to maintain your own account, login and connect with your social accounts to achieve even more with Eurekos.

Before After Try mock up here

Onboarding tool

Onboarding for platform administrators will make it easier to decide and plan which activities and/or teams have to be auto-assigned to users with specific roles and/or job functions.

Onboarding | Eurekos LMS | Release 7.4

Top 10 popular courses by date

It is now possible to see the results of your commercial campaigns for your courses, or get evidence of which training your employees has the most interest for. Eurekos now offers you the possibility of defining the exact period in time for your top 10 courses.

Popular courses | Eurekos LMS | Release 7.4

Other general updates

  • Course builder bubble date restriction will be connected to dynamic dates from the activities/user signups.
  • Editable English: The original English terms, words and phrases can now be altered similar to any other translated languages in the platform. This means you can change terms, labels, strings to any phrasing or terminology you prefer for your particular context.
  • Course builder UX updates, which will tell the user if there are any unsaved data or ask to save the work when leaving un-submitted.
  • At the time option on alerts.
  • Support multiple files upload on Shared files in teams.
  • Automatic deletion of users: For GDPR reasons and general maintenance of the registered users a period can be defined, after which users are automatically removed. A mail notification to the user is delivered a predefined number of days before deletion is executed, giving time for reaction. Both are configurable as part of your platform setup. Contact us for mere information.
  • Styling subtitles in videos: Videos with subtitles can be styled with font options and size to accommodate special preferences.
  • Ability to restrict certification until course feedback is delivered.
  • Learner to see only limited info on other user profiles (full name, role).
  • Dashboard will show new calendar events in scalable format.
  • Progress is now shown on alerts in the sign-up list to allow the Course Administrator to see what notifications the user has received.
  • Courses may now contain several course types in their tagging settings, making it easier to connect them across differentiated application.
  • Audio is a new rubric shown in statistics.
  • Events are displayed on the dashboard in highlighted state with webinar information.
  • Our H5P library has been updated to latest version as of current date.
  • All users will be able to download a transcript of their training history and status from the dashboard.

Release date

This general release will be available from end of January 2020. Testdrive on your pre-production systems.

General roll-out will be during Q1.

Release 8.1

This planned patch includes several updates, following release 8:

  • Simplified activity behaviors:
    • No course type/activity type restriction.
    • No restriction between activity type/certificate type.
    • Date is not mandatory in any activity type (apart from webinar).
    • Capacity is not mandatory on activity.
    • Activity schedule: default dates – today, timing in dropdown to improve usability.
  • ApplePay & GooglePay is supported
  • Jitsi (free webinar option) has been removed due to quality issues. We don’t want to support this for our clients.
  • Recent colors in text editor to improve usability.
  • “Course title” token added in notifications/alerts.
  • New practical assessment statuses.
  • Add existing users into organization.
  • General improvements:
    • System remembers filters in videos/h5p
    • Navigation widget behaviour for restricted items in course navigation now informs more detailed about access.
    • Navigation in teams has been improved.
    • Time zone representation to end user has new format (UTN+N)
  • Bug fixes:
    • H5P no longer autoplay in course edit mode.
    • A bug which did not accept capitalized letters in file format for attachment in the H5P image slider has been fixed.
    • 16 Additional other minor bug fixes.
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