Release 9 | September 2020

Overview of major improvements

Release 9 is focused on user experience and that Netflix feeling of “easy and obvious” on completely redesigned dashboards and progress overviews. We want to provide the most easy, effective and enjoyable user experience available anywhere.

We are also introducing unique integrations to video conferencing/webinars with agnostic approach to tools: E.g.: even tools which are not integrated will still be possible to use in professional ways. We like to think this is a best-in-class approach to virtual instructor led training (VILT).

  • New User Experience and interfaces
    • Dashboards for all roles with embedded course catalogue in one place.
    • New Teams with task manager
    • New Calendar with integrated video conference tools
    • New and simplified training progress overview
    • …and much more.
  • VILT extension with integration to Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoToTraining and GoToWebinar.
  • Microsoft O365 Online editing of documents
  • Global search
  • Simple training activity creation and invite
  • SEO optimisation for the Course Catalogue
  • Virtual Currency
  • New feedback tool (course evaluation)
  • 100+ languages
  • New FAQ based help system
  • SCORM 1.2 export including offline H5P interactive tools and videos.

See other features and updates at the end of this article.

New Dashboards

Fully redesigned dashboards with everything any user needs at the fingertips.

  • Continue where you left off.
  • Get you certificate right at the dashboard.
  • Simplified and easy progress overview with detailed statistics hidden away until you need them.
  • Explore other courses and suggestions right from the dashboard.

VILT, web conferences, video conferences and webinar integrations…as you wish

Eurekos is leading when it comes to facilitating online training and easy administration across the tool’s organizations use in general.

  • Microsoft Teams: Integrated to allow an organization to look up and invite/distribute training to Teams created within the organizational Microsoft account – e.g.: for a video conference.
    • Also, users can create video conferences directly from inside Eurekos for both training activities, course enrollment and regular calendar events for any group of people or Team.
    • And yes, they are synched to their office calendars automatically, when they are using O365.
  • Google Meet: Allows creating Meet online meetings directly from inside Eurekos for both training activities, course enrollment and regular calendar evens for any group of people or Team.
  • GoToWebinar and GoToTraining: Allows creating online meetings directly from inside Eurekos for both training activities, course enrollment and regular calendar evens for any group of people or Team.
  • Adobe Connect: Allows creating Adobe online meetings directly from inside Eurekos for both training activities, course enrollment and regular calendar evens for any group of people or Team.

None of these? Well, several other leading 3rd party products will be part of the integrated options shortly – and remember, we allow you to use any tool, even if they are not integrated.

VILT-tools create video conferencing

New Calendar with integrated video conference tools

Calendar gives better and clearer overview of events and includes integrated video conference options in the optimum way:

  • Video conferences does not simply show up as a “link” somewhere within the descriptive texts as we are always struggling with, but rather as clear buttons inviting to join.
  • Automatic dashboard reminders also show the direct link and not something a user has to dig out between text.

User experience is dramatically improved this way and the best thing is that it does not matter if its and integrated tool or something you simply want to use:

  • Eurekos is agnostic to video conferencing tools with release 9 and will this user experience no matter which tool you use. Integrated or something else.


New Teams and Task Manager

Teams has been updated to an entirely new experience with many improvements.

  • More simple conversation structure makes it easier to follow discussions.
  • New: Task manager allows simple project management and task creation with deadlines to team members. Each can complete their own tasks and progress overview is offered in calendar overview.
  • Now you can create folders to manage your files as you wish. You still take advantage of the native automatic tagging system.
  • VILT and video conferencing a central part of Teams.

Progress views

User progress can now be followed everyone. On the dashboard for each course, on the navigation elements within courses and even on each individual page, which is updated with each step.

In statistics, users can also navigate to pages they need to finish, but missed.


Microsoft O365 – Online editing

Office 365 documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) can now be edited from within Eurekos using Microsoft online editing services.

If you have a valid Microsoft account you will not have to download and upload changes to your documents to make changes and updates any longer. You simply edit them inside Eurekos and they are automatically updated in the our archives.

Microsoft Office 365

Global search

The new global search function allows users to search across courses they have access to and find relevant videos, documents and materials. A search result allows the user to instantly navigate to the result.

It is available from the top of the screen and is not restricted to the all-present context sensitive search options within the general feature set.


Simple training activity creation

We have greatly improved the user experience and simplicity of creating training activities for different training types (virtual, blended, self-study, etc.) – even those that has not been invented yet!

No strings restrict you to a certain structure. Training styles rapidly change, and this administrative versatility is reflected within Eurekos, allowing hybrid and “homegrown” training styles to fit any purpose.

You add anything you like, and we simply allow you to choose dates, locations, virtual connections, certificates and a lot more, as you wish. It’s up to you. It can’t be easier than that.

Virtual Credit System

The virtual credit system is organized around the Manager who can spend virtual credits for his reports (employees) as he sees fit.

Credits can be updated manually or through integrated services as an add-on should this be desired.

Once this function is active, the Manager can spend credits available to his organization in addition to credit card and other available options when purchasing courses and trainings.

Feedback and course evaluation

We now allow you to use our integrated tool to create course feedback evaluation surveys.

  • You can create questions and relate the survey to each training activity or reuse them across everything you do, if you wish. It’s based on templates.
  • You can require completion of surveys before issuing certificates on individual training level.
  • Reports are anonymized and can be exported.

Supporting 100+ languages

Release 9 achieves one of the original goals. We wanted to set a new industry standard for language coverage so that enterprise customers can provide training and communications in every major (and minor) language.

The real benefit is higher engagement rates and organizations will be able to reach a higher percentage of their workforce, customers and any other learners in their extended enterprise. Inquire about your language.

FAQ based help system

A fully revised approach to support and self-service delivers a new FAQ based help system to make it swifter and more convenient to get answer to the typical questions.

We are preparing several iterations – ending up with providing FAQs in every available language the following release.

SCORM 1.2 export

Allow a Eurekos course to be exported to a SCORM 1.2 compliant package and potentially brought to a LMS as part of your client offering – e.g. when some of your clients and partners wants to embed material in internal solutions elsewhere.

Other general updates

  • Release 9 removes the right-hand feed on course level.
  • Release 9 removes the need for setting a course type.
  • Release 9 removes Communities as a separate feature. Teams is used for any type of community.
  • Participants can upload their own training history in user profile and attach certificates.
  • It is now possible to include multiple receivers in Notifications. Alert Schemes has been renamed to Notifications.
  • Waiting list is now an option for triggering emails from notifications.
  • Progress is now shown on notifications making it possible to follow how “1 of 15 notifications” has been sent to a particular participant.
  • Announcements can now be directed to Teams and Organizations.
  • Clone activities with events. This wizard function makes it easy to close complex training activities with multiple calendar events inside.
  • Contact hours are now possible to add in planning activities. These are shown through the enrolment process for participants.
  • Department and Workplace has been added to the profile and can be managed separately as Tags.
  • Updated API with multiple new options for data exchange.
  • Buttons on all emails as a user experience improvement, making it easier for users to engage from emails sent to them.
  • Bug fixes, security updates and performance testing.

Release date

This general release will be available from end of September 2020. Test-drive on your pre-production systems. We reserve the right to update and change the list of features introduced until release date.

General roll-out will be during October.

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