Teams – Share, Collaborate and Co-create

Product Info | Teams - share, collaborate and co-create v2 | Eurekos

It is a great place to communicate, organize, share ideas and materials and get and feedback from peers and experts. 

Anyone can create a Team and invite members to participate. Teachers can follow discussions and facilitate if desired.


Core elements:

■ Message boards and comments streams to organise intense discussions in topics and subjects

■ Schedule using the Team Calendar, individually or as a Team

■ Share any kind of materials – from videos to google docs and with versioning

■ Bookmark and follow Teams or discussions

■ Create and manage group assignments within a Team


You can comment directly on anything in Teams. From schedules to infographics shared in materials and designed in a way that people can respond as their schedules permit.

Teams is designed to minimize administration. Teams do not have to be facilitated by Teachers but can choose to let people form their own without having to administer the process.

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