The University of MOI

MOI University | Eurekos LMS Case Study

Bringing training to refugees in a challenging learning environment


The University of MOI, Kenya and the Archimedes Institute of Hogeschool Utrecht took the challenge of providing Graduate- and Master-level education to refugee students in one of Africa’s largest refugee camps.

A big challenge was to select a learning platform with a powerful and user-friendly interface that could support course-building by university teachers with little or no basic knowledge of online learning environments.

Making it more difficult, the training often occurred in places with limited internet and diminished electricity. So, the technical challenge was to make a great tool for online learning on handheld devices,  and still provide inspiring and useful training to refugees in poor learning conditions.


The Eurekos LMS was selected because of the stability of its learning platform, easy content creation, and an experienced team that helped form the project and provided project management support throughout.


Innovative tools inspired teachers to build amazing courses easily and with little or no prior training, and thousands of students were educated in less favorable conditions and remote areas.

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