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Univerity of Twente | Eurekos Case Study

Combining work, life, and study in one blended learning platform



Twente University had an ambitious vision. They wanted to connect students, teachers and companies in a modern, flexible, and attractive online learning environment that was much like a social event.



Twente quickly identified the key driver of success: Content. They needed lots of content, fast.

Twente divided content production into two manageable efforts.

  1. First, build a blended learning strategy, based on existing courses, but with improved functionality and infrastructure.
  2. Second, push communications to the three main target groups through both communities and online groups. As a professor described, “We wanted students to be involved at the college and still network with others in the public sector. It’s not online or offline: we choose to do both.”

The technology they chose was Eurekos, the LMS that offers the advanced communications they needed, as well as fast and easy browser-based content authoring.



After only 2 months, Twente was able to combine work, life, and study in one platform. According to Twente, the Eurekos platform, “comes with blended learning at your fingertips.”

In addition, “the LMS is a very attractive and effective way of learning – especially with the variety of course creations that include games, videos, literature, quizzes, current articles, webinars and the integration of live social media events.”

The new technology allowed people to study on-the-go, CEO’s to inspire students, and teachers to conduct lectures on the road, with any device.

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