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Hogeschool Utrecht (HU)

HU | Eurekos LMS Case Study

Empowering instructors to implement a massive education program


Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) had an ambitious plan. They wanted to be the best higher education institute in Holland at delivering blended learning in comprehensive Life Long Learning.


The goal was to produce 1700 blended learning courses at 140+ study hours each - including many that were at bachelors and masters level. Within 5 years, they wanted more than 60% of the teachers to actively use Eurekos to produce the content themselves to engage students with blended learning.

Eurekos Demo Screen | Eurekos LMS


This ambitious goal was reached two years ahead of schedule.

    • In little over 2 years, HU is number one in Holland in quantity and quality of online and blended learning courses.
    • 80% of the teachers use Eurekos while engaging more than 70.000 students and teachers with the online and blended learning.
  • HU kept up the pace and more than 2000 curriculums were active in 2016.

This goal was reached through a close partnership with Eurekos, who helped the teachers and students make the most of their learning platform and the custom-built authoring interface. At the same time, the close partnership with educational specialists at HU helped ensure that the platform supported the latest didactical methodologies.

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