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Sysmex case study | Eurekos LMS

Delivering training to thousands of hospital staff on-the-go


Sysmex needed to train hospital staff on their new instrument series XN, but training hospital staff can be a big challenge with varying schedules and employees that move around a lot.

The training needed to begin when the product was at start-up but also when people needed to later access courses on-demand.


Sysmex selected the Eurekos LMS to roll out the training to Scandinavian hospitals.


So far, they have successfully rolled out their online training to over 80 hospitals in Scandinavia. The results have been excellent so far:

  • The hospital employees have a much more advanced understanding of how to read charts and diagrams.
  • This solution has greatly improved customer service and Sysmex products are much better integrated into large hospitals.

The future goal is to take training to a higher level with more detail for certain functions and in additional languages for global customers.


The Ultimate Guide to
Closing Skills Gaps—Fast

By David Perring, David Patterson, Hans van Bergen, Kenny Munck, Nick Etlar Eriksen, Søren Rågård,  and Omeed Aminian. 

7 Industry experts provide sensible solutions about how you can identify and close nagging skills gaps in your organization.

The Ultimate Guide to Closing Skills Gaps—Fast - cover
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