Massive implementation of an educational programmes

News Room | Massive implementation of an educational programmes | Eurekos

Hoogeschool Utrecht made the decision to use the platform across all 6 faculties and in less than 12 months produced more than 600 courses most of which are 140 study hours (5 credits). In 3 years more than 1700 courses have been created, 2 years ahead of the original ambition.   Why Blended Learning? Society…

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Minister of Education speaks with master students of Hogeschool Utrecht

News Room | Minister-van-engelshoven | Eurekos

Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven (D66) visited Hogeschool Utrecht Monday afternoon, November 27th. She spoke for an hour with students and teachers from the Institute of Archimedes (teacher training). It is one of the first times that she visited a university of applied sciences as a minister. Van Engelshoven is minister at the department of Education, Culture…

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Advanced NexGen LMSs – Tier Two

By The Craig Weiss Group, LLC.   I’ve always been a believer that there is never one perfect LMS, but rather, that the future of learning systems, especially LMSs will only get stronger and better. I am a firm believer that the trendline for LMSs are pointing heavily towards a Smart LMS by 2020. Focusing…

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