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Release Notes

January 2020 | Release 8

Overview of major improvements Advanced Course Administration Bundled activities Activity based price Reserve seats Minimum No. of seats workflow Waiting lists Sign-up and cancellation self-service Schedule with unknown dates Add sign-up to existing team Restrict access to variable schedule Re-assign to other activities …and more Updated course overview with multiple activity types Stripe as additional…

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July 2019 | Release (exclusive)

New and improved Eurekos version 7.4   Upgraded course overview with multiple activity types Expansion and improvement of site settings File list widget New layout for account settings On-boarding tool Upgraded course overview with multiple activity types The new release includes a simpler and cleaner course catalog. Several customers requested a course overview with only the…

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June 2019 | Release Notes

New and Improved in Version 7.2-3: Ability to go fullscreen on courses New integration with 23videos QR code files now include page titles Local Image Editor Other Updates Ability to go fullscreen on courses With the new ”Fullscreen Feature” in the Eurekos Learning Platform, you are now able to run all or some of the…

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May 2019 | Release Notes

New and Improved in Version 7.1: Customized Certificates H5P for Learners Simple and Advanced User List New Image Editor New selection criteria Login with Office.365 Customized Certificates Administrators are now able to customize all certificates with text alignment, color and configure font family & size. Custom fonts can be uploaded upon request. Customize Alignment & Color Configure Font Family…

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April 2019 | Release Notes

New and Improved in Version 7: Introduced April 2019: Improved Teams interface New Manager and Learner Dashboards Calendar events included in notifications New VR 360 capabilities and features  General improvements and updates Improved Teams Interface The text editor has been replaced to provide a well-improved interface, enhancing the collaborative user experience. Apps have been added…

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January 2019 I Release Notes

New and Improved in Version 6: Introduced end of February 2019: Easy Theming xAPI statistics expansion Fully Automated Teams administration General improvements and updates Easy Theming The Eurekos product design philosophy is to remove clutter and make things easy for users and administrators. With this release, we made it even easier and faster to theme…

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December 2018 I Release Notes

New and Improved in Version 5: Content Marketplace Social Content Creation Fully automated Content Tagging General improvements and updates   Content Marketplace This release of the Eurekos LMS brings global organisations and their partners together through a unique content eco-system. It’s now easy to download, share and individually adapt copyrighted material within the Content Marketplace.…

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June 2018 | Release Notes

Release notes 2018 | Eurekos

This major release brings Eurekos to version 4.0 with focus on presenting your course materials to your learners, employees and clients through advanced automation workflows, auto enrollment functionality and easy administration.   Set your content free and start harvesting the benefits of your investment. Roughly 25.000 hours has been invested in this release.   Overview…

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January 2017 | Release Notes

Release notes 2017 | Eurekos

This release notes cover development from October-December 2016. The focus has been a very strategic ambition to set the standard for seamless integration, unified architecture and to offer the best user experience on a learning platform. ■ User Interfaces (UI) to improve User Experience (UX) and in a unified form to enable a broad support of WCAG20…

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April 2017 | Release Notes

Release notes 2017 | Eurekos

SCORM, Advanced course import/export and new Assignments Eurekos has just been updated with improvements and wishes from clients in this April release. This release focused on content format compatibility and other major business requirements: ■ SCORM 1.2 incl. version 2004 (v1-v4) – allowing you the integration and use of content from other authoring tools. ■ SCORM…

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