A Discovery Worth Celebrating

Eurekos is an interpretation of the word “Eureka” from the Ancient Greek, which is an expression of joy or satisfaction for a new discoveries or invention.

When we formed Eurekos ten years ago, we were focused on delivering exceptional learning content to our customers, but we noticed that something was missing: There was no LMS that delivered exceptional content and also motivated and engaged employees, while giving instructors the tools they need to create content quickly, easily and effectively.

We changed all that. It is with great joy and satisfaction that we share our invention with you: Eurekos!

The Management Team

Anders Willumsen  | Director of Channel Sales | Eurekos

Anders Willumsen

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Nick Etlar Eriksen | CTO | Eurekos

Nick Etlar Eriksen

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The History of Eurekos

Eurekos timeline (updated 3-5-2020)

Eurekos & Sysmex Awarded Silver for
Best Customer Learning Platform

Eurekos & Sysmex Awarded Silver for Best Customer Learning Platform

Sysmex and Eurekos, the developer of the Eurekos LMS, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group silver award for excellence in the customer training program category.

Eurekos partnered with Sysmex to transform their customer education program from just face-to-face training to a blended program with on-demand learning, just-in-time resources, videos, and webinars.

Now they deliver training that allows their customers to learn about their products anytime and anywhere. The result has been better-trained customers who are empowered to use Sysmex products better and with more efficiency.

Eurekos proudly sponsors

the Carey Institute for Global Good

The Eurekos team wants to make a difference by making learning accessible for everyone through technology that makes it easier, faster and more collaborative. That’s why we sponsor the Carey Institute for Global Good.

The Carey Institute for Global Good is dedicated to making the world better by contributing to a strong, educated and just society. Through its programs, the Institute strives to bring together innovative and dynamic people from around the world to address the most pressing issues of the day.

The video below shows the learning platform of the Center for Learning in Practice. A broad view from 10,000 feet in 2 minutes.

Carey Institute Logo-White-Text-Transparent-Background-PNG

Our success

is our customers' success

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