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Ulrik Minet | Get More Time

Ulrik Minet

Owner and Management Consultant
Best Practice Education

"I have tried at least 7 different LMS systems that all advertised that they had the very best system in the world. But I didn't succeed in achieving any of my goals. When I finally met Eurekos in 2018, I had the opportunity to develop online training. After 3 months, I had the first customer access Eurekos. And it is even with minimal instruction in using Eurekos LMS - and it tells me that their system is just as intuitive as it should be."



Frank Mitchell B.

Technology Education Teacher

"Eurekos is on point helping me improve student engagement to increase student achievement! Eurekos puts content first by making it easy to produce targetted personalized learner content in the blink of an eye! Eurekos analytics provides the evidence to prove that the most successful learners are the ones that are engaged and active. It allows me to focus in on the data providing me insights into how to improve students achievements."

Donna Eiby | 4IR.one | Review | Eurekos

Donna Eiby

Creative Director

"The platform has the key features of a next generation digital learning system. Not only is it easy to produce courses in Eurekos, the experience for learners is interactive, collaborative and social -everything required to engage learners in an online experience."

Peter Ankerstjerne

Peter Ankerstjerne


"It is very easy to get started. It is so intuitive. With the Marketplace we can get in touch with clients normally out of our reach. It is also much easier to get new facilitators and employees who shall create our courses going forward onboarded."

Karin Eckersberg | IntoLearning | Business Development, Senior Advisor, Digital Learning

Karin Eckersberg

Business Development, Senior Advisor, Digital Learning

"Once a course has been set up, it is so easy to put in content from various sources. And the H5P-elements works so fine! With many years of experience within teaching and several years in the publishing industry developing teaching materials - I know a good LMS when I see one."

Thomas Leer-Jacobsen | Get More Time

Thomas L.

Chief Project Expert
Leer Coaching & Consulting

"Nice user interface, structered course setup - A Top LMS system to provide blended learning for customers, structured approach for change management projects."

hans van bergen

Hans van Bergen

Senior Consultant Technology in Education
Hogeschool Utrecht

“When we made the decision to use the platform across all 6 faculties, we produced more than 600 courses in 12 months, most of which are over 140 study hours. In 3 years we produced more than 1700 courses - 2 years ahead of our original timeline!"

Dr. Diana D. Woolis v2

Dr. Diana D. Woolis

Director, Center for Learning in Practice
Carey Institute for Global Good

"Eurekos is an intuitive, pedagogically smart learning environment for people who really care about learning design. Its multi-language capability and integration with social tools, such as twitter, make it a powerful tool for communicating and engaging people across critical knowledge-sharing channels."

Romain G. | Digital Marketing Specialist E-learning portal | Eurekos Review

Romain G.

Digital Marketing Specialist Elearning Portal
Hospital & Healthcare

"Interface very modern, a lot of customization possibilities, and easy to manage daily for administrators. And the support is excellent. Very good streaming quality of videos. Great variety of tools to enrich the pages and offer a pleasant experience to the users."

Laren D. | Frontend Web Developer | Eurekos Review

Laren D.

Frontend Web Developer
Think Tanks

"I noticed right away that our team could work with the Eurekos platform without much assistance or training from me. This was new! It meant less work for me, and more work done by the team. And the course creators were having fun doing the work."

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Industry Analyst Reviews


According to Fosway, the strong feature set, extremely user-friendly interface, integrated authoring and the very open architecture together with a high value for money are some of the major reasons behind the designation of Eurekos as a Potential Challenger.

"Eurekos brings a strong European focus to the Learning Systems market, with a solution that is attracting initial clients and accelerating growth, which sees it debut as a Potential Challenger this year.” - David Wilson

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Learning Light

"This is an LMS with some real attitude. The attitude is all about making it quick and easy to create and curate content in the LMS. Eurekos has put an amazing level of thought and detail into making it incredibly easy for the busy training team to create and manage content. It is not bluster.” - David Patterson

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Eurekos has created an inviting space that nurtures professional growth through eLearning. The platform keeps getting better and better and will likely see more success in the years to come. 

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The experts from independent software review directory FinancesOnline granted their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018 to the Eurekos LMS.

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