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The Eurekos team wants to make a difference by making learning accessible for everyone through technology that makes it easier, faster and more collaborative.

We thank all our clients not only for helping us receive these awards, but also for keeping us motivated to provide you the best LMS solution.

Eurekos awarded as the Best LMS in Scandinavia

We are proud and honored to announce that Eurekos was awarded the best LMS in Nordic Region/Scandinavia by the Craig Weiss Group. This prestigious award is presented each year to recognize the best advances in learning management technology. Last year, the Eurekos LMS made an impressive debut by being included in the top 25 learning management systems in the world.

Craig Weiss Group | Logo

Eurekos is a Riser with
high NexGen Learning System functionality

NexGen Learning System Grid 2018-19 | Eurekos Riser

Craig Weiss includes Eurekos in the top nexgen learning systems grid, designating them as a “Riser” with high NexGen functionality.

“Eurekos isn’t someone you may have heard of, but perhaps you should” said Craig Weiss. ” ”Video management scores 100% (yes, the video in a quiz, and auto-detect is part of it). Coaching, content curation, Tier 2 ecosystem is all there…”

Eurekos debuts in the world’s top 25 learning systems

LMS analyst Craig Weiss ranked Eurekos in the top 25 of over 1000 learning management systems. This shows the growing need for high-performance LMSs with built-in, powerful authoring tools that make skills gaps a thing of the past.

“Eurekos has a home run here. The built-in authoring tool is a slam dunk and it has very strong content curation. Functionality and UI/UX is good. The roadmap track record is excellent. You can do a lot with this: classroom management, competency management, and I could go on.” Craig Weiss

2018_Top-25-LMS Award Logo | Eurekos LMS

Eurekos Awarded by FinancesOnline

The experts from independent software review directory FinancesOnline announced today that they have granted their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018 to the Eurekos LMS.

These awards are given to the best software solutions worldwide and indicate that Eurekos stands out from the sea of Learning Management System’s (LMS) on the market.

The Rising Star award is given to new SaaS solutions that have rapidly risen in popularity and are rated as an innovative solution for nagging industry problems.

Industry Analyst Reviews


The experts from independent software review directory FinancesOnline granted their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018 to the Eurekos LMS.

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Learning Light

This is an LMS with some real attitude. The attitude is all about making it quick and easy to create and curate content in the LMS.

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Eurekos has created an inviting space that nurtures professional growth through eLearning. The platform keeps getting better and better and will likely see more success in the years to come. 

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Our customers fill their skills gaps in record time

hans van bergen

Hans van Bergen

Senior Consultant Technology in Education
Hogeschool Utrecht

“When we made the decision to use the platform across all 6 faculties, we produced more than 600 courses in 12 months, most of which are over 140 study hours. In 3 years we produced more than 1700 courses - 2 years ahead of our original timeline!"

Dr. Diana D. Woolis v2

Dr. Diana D. Woolis

Director, Center for Learning in Practice
Carey Institute for Global Good

"Eurekos is an intuitive, pedagogically smart learning environment for people who really care about learning design. Its multi-language capability and integration with social tools, such as twitter, make it a powerful tool for communicating and engaging people across critical knowledge-sharing channels."

Karin Eckersberg | IntoLearning | Business Development, Senior Advisor, Digital Learning

Karin Eckersberg

Business Development, Senior Advisor, Digital Learning

"Once a course has been set up, it is so easy to put in content from various sources. And the H5P-elements works so fine! With many years of experience within teaching and several years in the publishing industry developing teaching materials - I know a good LMS when I see one. 

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