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Eurekos Partners

Join a community of partners that work together to create great learning solutions for our common customers.

Integrated Microsoft Software Suite | Microsoft Partner | Partnership

Support for Microsoft's Software Suite

The Eurekos learning experience is a component inside the Microsoft Software Suite (Microsoft Teams). Microsoft Education also partners with Eurekos to provide support for the Azure infrastructure. This partnership gives Eurekos clients an optimal integrated learning experience.

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Create, share and reuse interactive content | H5P | Partnership

Create, share and reuse interactive learning content

Eurekos and the entire H5P open-source community have been working together informally for many years to build an innovative application with rich content that has been adopted by over 30,000 of the world’s most popular websites and eLearning applications. 

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Skilled Specialists in Gamification | Playful Solution | Partnership

Skilled Specialist in Gamification

Employees learn better when they're having fun. Instead of boring PowerPoints and long text-only documents, Playful Solutions is helping learners stay engaged and motivated through playful learning experiences. They are a skilled specialist in gamification and the art of adding playfulness to learning, both online and offline.

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rethought the online video workflow | twentythree videos | Partnership

TwentyThree Video

The video integration with the Eurekos Learning Platform makes it possible for you to run and manage all your videos from one platform. TwentyThree serves over 300 brands including Audi, Spotify, Carlsberg, Novo Nordisk and more. Some of the best marketing teams in the world use TwentyThree to power their video marketing strategy with audience analytics, video tools, social video scheduling, live streaming and webinars.

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IBM watson | Eurekos LMS | Integrations

IBM Watson

IBM Watson uses AI for deeper personalization, faster time-to-learn and adaptive functionality with the Eurekos learning experience. IBM Watson has mature cloud intelligence with a vast set of services. At Eurekos we embed and evolve AI in areas that ensure a personalized learning experience that adapts to user needs, learning styles, level of knowledge and context. Through anonymous intelligent learner profiling we deliver the right training at the right time and in the right format.

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Helphouse | Partnership 800x500 assists some of the largest companies in the world with Zendesk. They have a history of building and maintaining time- and cost-saving solutions that significantly improve the quality of customer service, but with less effort. is the leading Zendesk Premier Solution Provider and Implementation Partner in Europe. They are a creative 360º Zendesk consultancy and can help with everything from implementing Zendesk to maintaining and optimizing existing Zendesk solutions.

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Meet some of the world's best content producers

Content Partners reach a large audience of content buyers by putting their content in the Eurekos Content Marketplace

Educated the world, one video at a time. Office 365. | Intellezy | Partnership | Badge

Educating the world, one video at a time

Intellezy believes learning should be simple, engaging, and relevant. They make this possible by building innovative, short-segment eLearning videos. In today’s rapidly evolving workplace it's imperative to make sure you have the skills required to succeed. Their library of courses provides dynamic, task-focused videos right at your fingertips, right when you need them.

Courses delivered by Intellezy: A robust library of Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud microlearning

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Leadership, Sales and Consultancy | Peak Balance | Partnership

Leadership, Sales and Consultancy Training

Peak Balance is a consultancy founded in 2006 that has trained more than 10,000 people all over the world. Since 2014 Peak Balance has transformed their catalog of on-site-training into blended learning and e-learning.

Courses delivered by Peakbalance: Leadership Development, Sales and Consultancy Training.

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Learning planet

Microlearning in Sales, Service & Leadership

LearningPlanet created a training resource library that can be used when and how anyone needs it. It’s a revolution in online learning for individuals and businesses. LearningPlanet designed their video library in a microlearning format that suits the modern learner with short, specific, targeted video content that can be used over and over from any device.

Courses delivered by Learning Planet: Soft skills training that covers three main business areas of sales, service and leadership.

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Danish For you 500x500

Teaches Danish to enhance social interaction

Danish for You teaches Danish to employees so they can enhance their social interaction at their workplace and to feel a part of Danish society. Understanding Danish society and the ability to navigate outside work creates a feeling of belonging and satisfaction, and will give you more motivated employees. There will be less employee churn, especially due to competition in other countries. Learning Danish can start before your new employees come to Denmark, as we teach them wherever they are and whenever it fits their schedule.

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Accredited Training Organization | Mentorix | Partnership

Accredited Training Organization

Mentorix is a training and consultancy dedicated to the art of project management excellence. They take pride in bringing together years of project management experience, strong practical skills and proven best practice theories.

Courses delivered by Mentorix: Strategic Leadership Development, Project Management, Agile Project Management, IT Security training, Asset Management, and QA / Test training

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Bettermeetings | Partnership

Experts in quality meetings and leadership

The team at BetterMeetings are experts in meetings and leadership. They help teams make better decisions and create empowerment through better meetings.

BetterMeetings have developed a set of online courses for the busy leader to solve a specific problem, or theme, if you like. If you need to get your management team to perform better or to find the best meeting structure, try their courses.

Courses delivered by BetterMeetings: Self-studies for the busy leader


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