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Powerful administration tools

real-time compliance and increased productivity

Deliver powerful analytics | Eurekos LMS
Advanced Course Administration

Easily identify skills gaps, customize learning paths, and prescribe training by interest, job role, level of expertise and personalized learning objectives.

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A simplified approach to enterprise eCommerce with auto-signup, group enrollment, multiple secure payment methods, tax support and a fully integrated booking system.

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Learning Analytics

Deliver insightful analytics for real-time compliance. Empower learners to track their progress and identify and address their own skills gaps.

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Content Marketplace

The content hub consolidates courses and resources from various internal and external sources, making it fast and easy for learners to find content, just-in-time. 

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The Eurekos administration engine makes it easy for admins to manage compliance, benefit from insightful analytics, build competencies, eCommerce and create and update courses in real time.


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