Advanced Course Administrator

Advanced course administration tool

The advanced course administration tool gives you the ability to identify knowledge and skills gaps and insights into who has the skills to succeed in a specific role.

  • Improved understanding of learning gaps and needs with advanced analytics and learning statistics
  • Toolsets for production, administration and digital learning delivery
  • Tools for collecting and showing learning statistics
  • Features that support role-based and individual-based learning

We customize learning paths, which are based on interest, job role, level of expertise and other personalized learning objectives. With instant feedback, employees gauge their progress and work towards their personal goals. Eurekos maps roles to skills and identifies the skills-gaps, which creates a learning path where training is suggested to each employee.

Automated Course Enrollments and Notifications

Employees can be automatically enrolled in a course or series of courses the the Eurekos automatic enrollment tool. Content can be downloaded through resources, catalogues or purchased through a storefront.

Easy Management Of Users, Roles and Access Levels

Easily identify skills gaps, customize learning paths and prescribe training by interest, role, level of expertise and other learning objectives. Eurekos allows you to assign users into multiple roles and makes it easy to manage and track their activities.

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