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QR Learner Code-engine

On-demand training with QR codes

QR Generator | Eurekos LMS | Features

You can now integrate physical environments directly into your learning platform with the Eurekos QR learner code engine.

QR codes have become the next generation “Training on Demand” interface that's right at your fingertips and will engage learners with one-to-one VR360 learner experiences.

Regardless of where the virtual user experience is located: an industrial kitchen, an airport, a hospital room, a building site, a car, or using a defibrillator, the guidelines are always up to date. With Eurekos QR, you can take employees, customers and consumers to places where they've never been.

Your employees will dive into work environments in the Eurekos VR360 learning experience using 360-degree images with learner hotspots. They can revisit those same hotspots on-demand in the physical space and replace them with QR codes. In addition, learners will also experience learning blocks in combined courses and certifications.

Eurekos QR and VR360 transforms digital learning into physical spaces, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Ways to use QR codes

QR codes are useful for pushing information to learners in an interactive and engaging way.

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    Employee Training

    • Training new employees in industries such as hotels, services, restaurants, etc.
    • Introducing workflows to staff.
    • Safety and compliance instructions in airports, train stations, public spaces, etc.
    • Health and safety training at construction sites, office environments, etc. 
    • Guides, information and training for all employees in their own language.

  • 2

    Product Information

    • Always updated product information and training for employees, clients and partners. 
    • Guidance available in specific use cases.
    • Guides, information and training for all learners in their own language.
    • Blended learning and on-demand certifications.
    • Product installation and service instructions.

  • 3

    Internal Knowledge Sharing

    • Effective workflows, like cleaning and booking guidelines. 
    • Easier internal knowledge sharing and secondary education.
    • News portals for management information.
    • Relevant information sent to individual workstations.
    • Guides, information and training in their own language.
    • Easier and cheaper documentation creation.

  • 4


    • A fun and new experience for you and your company.
    • Access to suggestions for activities and fun facts.
    • Current knowledge for their visit to you.
    • Guides, information and training in the user's language.
    • Deliver online handouts to your clients after their visits. 
    • Access important information like sharing health details about relatives.

How QR Codes works on Eurekos

Content is produced with the intuitive course builder in the Eurekos LMS. Once you publish your content, a QR code is generated for each individual page. This allows you to generate two different view options: Ordinary views and full screen views with 360 photos. Try it here

You can generate QR codes for any course page, including the commerce page. But if you use a QR code for a course page, you will be directed to the login screen, and then to the intended course page.

Place QR codes on products or around your company's various workstations and provide access to your own visual universe.

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