Rapid Course Builder

Produce amazing content, just-in-time

The Eurekos LMS includes a native content builder that makes it so easy to produce content that subject matter experts build their own courses, eliminating bottlenecks and minimizing production time. This means that all courses can be easily updated by your specialists.  

The Course Builder is one of a kind and engineered to be extremely effective and simple to use. Eurekos removes all technical barriers and bottlenecks, which makes all the difference for just-in-time content.

  • Easy to produce, distribute and update all types of training
  • Faster content production
  • Adjust details as you develop services and products, supporting the innovation life cycle
  • Create a knowledge center as an internal training solution
  • Effortlessly collaborate and share knowledge across the company

Page templates

The Course Builder has a set of design templates that are based on simple variations, columns or placeholders of various positions and widths, which you organize your content around.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make a great course. Templates are designed to facilitate the course builder in presenting material in the best way possible and ensure a consistent look and user experience across all courses.

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