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VR-360 Capabilities and Features

VR-360 Capabilities and Features |  Eurekos LMS | Features

Together with the new VR 360 video and image options, you can have new VR learning experiences on laptops, mobile devices, and tablets, with full support of VR headsets with dynamic training and course content.

Show “full screen” content elements and whole course pages outside the Eurekos environment so it can be accessed and executed outside the platform experience. But it is still fully integrated to the user profile, date capture, analytics, etc. All content elements will support all existing interactive components like interactive video/audio/images and other H5P elements.

You can now distribute and extend the learning experience to reach users on platforms they are already using like Intranets, Microsoft Teams, CRMs, and partner sites. You can establish new engaging and playful experiences with Eurekos content as highly reusable content blocks that support various experiences with the same content across devices and experiences.

Experience Shell

You can now have a full screen VR 360 (both still-image and video) learning experience on the Eurekos platform and embed all types of well-known Eurekos content elements in the VR experience. It works on all devices and VR headsets.

Experience Shell | April Release 2019

Imagine that you are the administrator of health and safety for a large building site, airport, train station or an industrial kitchen. You need all employees to be trained in health and safety regulations and guidelines.

You can now have a full VR 360 image of your location where you have “hotspots” over all the major elements in the high-resolution experience of your location. For example: Security doors, fire escapes, heart starter, alarms, etc. When users click on a hotspot, they can see text explanations, videos, quizzes, test, etc. all built and managed in the Eurekos LMS.

All elements that are used to embed the VR 360 experience can be re-used in courses, certification programs, exams etc. All user information and progress is stored in the same record store as all other data, so you can meet your students across experiences and still have all data and assets in one place.

Embedded & Distributed

VR 360 experiences that you build can also live as embedded experiences inside Eurekos course pages and be used as content elements in a normal course in the same way as interactive videos. This includes all interactive H5P elements – so the VR 360 experience can be accessed either as a stand-alone or as an integrated part of a course, combi-course, test, exam, etc.

Vr | April Release 2019

The VR 360 experiences can also live outside the platform as e.g. ”small” snippets on a corporate intranet to drive awareness to the learning platform, for pre-assessment: Need for Training. They can be in ecommerce catalogues, in an online shop or as interactive campaign components on a partner website. The options are endless.

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