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Eurekos is so much more than an LMS. Explore the features below to see how you can create rapid content, manage all types of learning, benefit from insightful analytics and improve your blended learning with social interaction tools.

Rapid Course Builder | Eurekos LMS | Features

Course Builder

Content Marketplace | Eurekos LMS | Features

Content Marketplace

Fully Integrated Toolbox | Eurekos LMS | Features

Integrated Toolbox

Security LMS features | Eurekos LMS | Features


Collaboration Tools | Eurekos LMS | Features

Collaboration Tools

Course Administration | Eurekos LMS | Features

Course Administration

Integrations | Eurekos LMS | features


Social Hub | Eurekos LMS | Features

Social Hub

Content CoCreation | Eurekos LMS | Features

Content CoCreation

eCommerce | Eurekos LMS | Features


Learning Analytics | Eurekos LMS | Features

Learning Analytics

QR Generator | Eurekos LMS | Features

QR Learner Code-Engine

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