Platform Security Features

Platform Security Features to Keep Your Data Safe

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  • IP Blocker

    The Eurekos LMS includes a firewall on the server level and a second firewall on the hosting level. This blocks ports that are not in use and/or allows users to login only from specific IPs.

    The system level includes user blocking after trying to log-in after n-tries, IP blocking, strong password requirements, user geo-location alerts and event logs on the server and application level.

    DigitalOcean uses various methods and partners who can blackhole, limit traffic from an IP range, move server and DNS traffic on the infrastructure, and have a team monitoring and reacting to events.

    Upon request, a DDoS prevention service can be set up to prevent flooding of bandwidth.

  • Advanced Password Authentication

    Brute force password attacks are identified and mitigated with an account lockout policy. The user account/IP address is blocked after numerous attempts. For technical support personnel with extended privileges, very strong passwords are mandatory. SSH is used to access to server and SSL between the browser and the user.

  • Anti-Spam and Anti Virus

    Eurekos proactively scans the site with an anti-virus and anti-malware scanner. On the server level, all executables and script injections are prevented from input fields and files from users.

  • Domain-Based Registrations

    User creation can be restricted to specific domains, such as a subdomain of your corporate site. Additional security restrictions and password restrictions can be designed as required.

  • Back-Up Data Storage

    The Eurekos backup policy considers risks that include human error, technical disruption, force majeure and significant threats.

    Backups are stored at the hosting provider and copied daily to a separate storage location in a different geographical location. This is transferred through a secure transmission (SSH encryption). No passwords are identical. We retain minimum incremental backups daily for one week and weekly for four weeks. This can be tailored to any need. We can restore or reinstall the system from virtually any situation within a few hours.

  • Data Encryption

    Upon request, backups can be stored on encrypted media. All of the data between the server and the user is encrypted 2048-bit SSL certificate in use. All communication with other parties always happen through an encypted channel (SSL/SSH). We employ a SaaS application that allows us to control the access to the server and the invalidation of keys.

  • Mobile Security

    Eurekos applies the same extensive security measures to all mobile devices as we do for desktops and laptops.

  • Role Permissions

    The platform is designed so that every user has a role and allowed actions, so it’s only possible, as an example to alter the platform configuration for a very limited number of users. The same role and permission settings allow for us to continuously rectify and update personal data as required.

  • Single Sign On

    Customers may use Single Sign On (SSO) which requires users to be authenticated via an identity provider. Other authentication tools or social login possibilities like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google can be used as well.

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