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Salesforce| Eurekos LMS | Integrations


This integration allows any organization to seamlessly pass data between Eurekos and Salesforce, sync users, activities and its signups.

GoToWebinar | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


You can integrate webinars to store front offerings with SSO, auto creation and will easily update webinars from a single location with full synchronization.

H5P | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Create, share and reuse interactive content with H5P. This is not just integrated, but installed within Eurekos.

Amazon Cloudfront | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Global video streaming with Amazon CloudFront (CDN) and transcoding services that allow on-the-fly video transcoding.

Facebook | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Login via your Facebook account and enable social feeds in and out of your course and community discussions.

Dropbox | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Connect your Dropbox account and share files and folders.

Google Drive | Eurekos LMS | Integrations

Google Drive

Connect your Google Drive account to enable Google Drive file sharing.

Google Maps | Eurekos LMS | Integrations

Google Maps

Display locations of users for team creation, training venues and user profiles.

Jitsi | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Free optional webinar tool that's integrated with the Eurekos calendar creation.

Youtube | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


YouTube search and lookup and live streaming events inside Eurekos and discussions.

Linkedin | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Login via your Linkedin account.

Microsoft Office.365 | Eurekos LMS | Integrations

Microsoft Office365

Connect your account to sync calendar events to your Outlook calendar. Microsoft Office365 also allows you to login via your Microsoft account.



Payment allows online payment for training using credit cards.

Onedrive | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Share files from your Onedrive account.

onelogin | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


SSO (Single Sign On) and IAM (Identity & Access Management) services integrate your users with minimum maintenance and easy login across systems.

Social Profiles | Eurekos LMS | Integrations

Other Social Profiles

Connect your accounts from Blogger, Tumbler, Flicker and many others to share your interests.

Paypal | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Payment allows online payment for training using credit cards or the PayPal wallet.

Skype | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Connect with other people and easily share your Skype account.

Vimeo | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Search for videos on Vimeo inside Eurekos discussions.

Surf Context | Eurekos LMS | Integrations


Federation used by the Dutch educational system.

Recaptcha | Eurekos LMS | Integrations

reCaptcha from Google

A service that protects your website from SPAM and abuse.

TwentyThree Videos | Eurekos LMS | Integrations

TwentyThree Videos

Integrating TwentyThree enables you to host, distribute, track, edit, and analyze your videos across channels. The video integration with the Eurekos Learning Platform makes it possible for you to run and manage all your videos from one platform.


Login via your Twitter account and enable social feeds in and out of your course and community discussions.

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