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Thomas Leer-Jacobsen | Get More Time

Thomas L.

Chief Project Expert, Leer Coaching & Consulting

"Nice user interface, structered course setup - A Top LMS system to provide blended learning for customers, structured approach for change management projects."

Ulrik Minet | Get More Time

Ulrik Minet

Owner and Management Consultant, Best Practice Education

"I have tried at least 7 different LMS systems that all advertised that they had the very best system in the world. But I didn't succeed in achieving any of my goals. When I finally met Eurekos in 2018, I had the opportunity to develop online training. After 3 months, I had the first customer access Eurekos."

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About Eurekos LMS

Finally, an LMS that puts content first. Eurekos helps clients and partners create impactful learning by speeding the creation and delivery of learning content.

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