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Sometimes, online training can isolate learners from their peers and even disconnect from the community. Humans are social creatures who need to communicate and collaborate with others to get the most out of learning.

Eurekos online training encourages social interaction through discussion boards that bring together widely dispersed teams, so they share knowledge and best practices.

Employees and instructors communicate with each other and give essential feedback on specific topics. Communities are structured and organized in various ways to increase learning. Any user can create a community, and anyone can participate  and share any type of learning content.

It's a great place to communicate, organize, share ideas and materials and get feedback from peers and experts.

Core elements:

  • Message boards and comment streams
  • Schedule meetings with the team calendar
  • Share any kind of materials from videos to google docs, with versioning
  • Bookmark and follow teams and discussions
  • Create and manage group assignments

Teams are designed to minimize administration, so they don't have to be facilitated by instructors or administrators.

Team members can comment directly on anything in teams, from schedules to infographics. Everything is shared and designed so contributors can respond whenever it's convenient for them.

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