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Channel Partner Training

Empower your partner channel with real-time training and resources that grow partner mind share and deliver the information they need to sell more of your products and service.

The Eurekos LMS gives you the tools you need to educate and certify your partners, anywhere, and on any device. You’ll empower partners throughout onboarding, engage them with microlearning, videos, and eLearning, and track results to optimize your partner channel.

Transform your partner channel with

On-demand Training and One-click Resources

Certifiy Partner Readiness | Eurekos LMS | Channel Partner Training  | Use Cases

Certify Partner Readiness

Make sure partners are ready to sell your products and support customers with flexible testing and certification tools.

Engage Partners and Capture Mindshare | Eurekos LMS | Channel Partner Training | Use Cases

Engage Partners and Capture Mindshare

Partners have a choice of what they sell. Eurekos gives you a competitive advantage with training solutions and engagement tools that give you the edge you need.

Deliver Sales and Support Training | Eurekos LMS | Channel Partner Training | Use Cases

Deliver Sales and Support Training

Show your partners how to sell more product and how to provide optimal customer support.

Important Features For Channel Partner Training

With a built in course authoring tool, you'll deliver new product training to channel partners right when they need it.

Eurekos provides all the tools to get actionable insights about the effectiveness of channel partner training and make changes that maximize impact.

Everything you need to sell training, including auto-signup, group enrollments, multiple secure payment methods, tax support, and fully integrated booking.

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