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Customer Training

Educated customers are more loyal customers. Eurekos knows this and provides the tools you need for rapid customer onboarding and on-demand training through the customer's life cycle.

You will get powerful eCommerce, just-in-time course authoring, communication tools, social learning, certification tools, and reporting and analytics that find performance gaps. It's the complete customer training solution for better onboarding, lower support costs and higher customer retention.

Increase product adoption and

Retain More Loyal Customers

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Customer Training Programs

A one-stop-shop that creates lifelong customer advocates, improves product usage and increases sales.

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Scale your training programs
to accelerate product adoption

Reach more customers, faster with self paced training and communication tools that reach every contact in every one of your customers.

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Make Customer Onboarding Easy

Eurekos gives you all the tools you need for rapid customer onboarding. Because the faster customers find value in your product, the more likely they become loyal customers.

Important Features For Customer Training

With a built in course authoring tool, you're able to deliver new product training to your customers right when they need it.

Eurekos provides all the tools to get actionable insights into the effectiveness of your customer education and make changes to maximize impact.

All the tools you need to sell training, including auto-signup, group enrollments, multiple secure payment methods, tax support, and fully integrated booking.

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Looking to maximize customer loyalty and expand their product applications, Sysmex Europe was ready to transform their customer education program. The solution? An online learning portal that would supplement their face-to-face training with on-demand resources, learning, videos, and webinars.