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Product Training

Your products are changing all the time and it’s hard for training to keep up. Salespeople and channel partners need to know everything about your product to sell it and customers need to know how to use it or they’ll fade away.

The Eurekos LMS gives you the tools you need to update product training at a moment’s notice, deliver training to everyone who sells your products and make sure customers are efficiently onboarded and routed to on-demand product training.

Deliver up-to-date product training to

Customers, Sales Teams & Partners

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Create customers for life with product training that ups adoption and increases sales.

Sales Training | Eurekos LMS | Use Cases | 800x500

Give your sales team all the knowledge and tools they need to pitch your products and close deals.

Channel Partner Training | Eurekos LMS | Use Cases | 800x500

Grow your partner channel with product training that empowers partners and grows loyalty.

Important Features For Product Training

With a built-in course authoring tool, you're able to easily design and deliver powerful product training to your customers, partners and salespeople.

Measure customer engagement and sales empowerment with analytics that make decisions easy and improvements constant.

Easily integrate with Salesforce, GoToWebinar, Google Docs and all the applications that support effective product training.

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