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Only pay for what you use

Eurekos pricing is based on your actual consumption and not guesswork. You pay for your number of active users per month and each month it resets so you are not automatically moved into a higher commitment level .

Some of our customers require fixed pricing, so if that’s the case for you, we can fix pricing for up to one full year.

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Because customers and partners are different

Learning management systems are fine for training employees but fail to address the unique needs of training customers and partners. The Eurekos extended enterprise LMS solves this challenge with rapid onboarding, e-commerce, certifications, unlimited branded portals, mobile learning, just-in-time content, and more.

Richer content, faster

Eurekos comes with an integrated course authoring tool, empowering you to create rich courses and resources to educate customers and partners without having to leave the LMS.

We’re in this together

Eurekos will be your trusted advisor, and with you every step of the way.

Unlimited branded portals

give each customer a unique experience

Certification programs

engage customers and certify partner readiness

100+ languages

for localized learning


solutions to monetize your learning

Mobile apps

for learning on the go

Airtight security

Unbeatable peace of mind.

Learning journeys

deliver pure product mastery

Integrated course authoring

for rapid content creation

The most intuitive LMS you’ll ever use

Don't just take our word for it...

Get real engagement throughout the customer journey

Make it easy for customers and partners to master your products. Get your customers onboarded quickly and continuously engaged with learning journeys, certification tracks, mobile learning, CRM integrations, and unlimited branded portals.