Reimagine partner and customer training​

The ability to spread knowledge is power. You know better-trained customers and partners mean more revenue, more profit. Eurekos LMS is purpose-built to:

  • Manage all customer/partner training in one place
  • Radically reduce onboarding time
  • Reach more people faster, and scale

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Globally trusted

Educate your customers. Reduce churn.

Monetize customer education

  • Turn educational programs and content into revenue streams 
  • Scale customer success and make it profitable

Set the stage for a fiercely loyal customer base

  • Support rapid adoption of products and services 
  • Help customers fall in love with you  

Empower your partners. Increase sales

Maximize partner impact

  • Get your partners ready for the field faster with high-speed, easy onboarding  
  • Build an army of knowledgeable product experts

Blow sales targets out of the water

  • Grow partner-driven revenue, predictably
  • Increase loyalty and create a network of brand advocates

What the experts think

“As a long-time advocate for effective customer training learning systems, I've consistently been on the lookout for a system that is a breath of fresh air. With Eurekos, I've found precisely that.

The adaptability of Eurekos to function both as a combination Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and Learning Management System (LMS), or solely as an LMS, is a testament to its innovative design. This flexibility means that it can be tailored to suit various training strategies and business needs, making it an invaluable asset to any company focused on their customer education program.

In my professional opinion, Eurekos is the right choice in today's customer training segment.“
Craig Weiss
CEO and Lead Analyst of TCWG
“Eurekos stands out as a top-tier customer education LMS, placing a special emphasis on catering to the extended enterprise. Their platform has been a driving force behind numerous innovations in customer education. The user-friendly interface exudes a clean and polished look, making it exceptionally convenient to navigate. One of their key strengths lies in their robust content authoring capabilities.

Moreover, Eurekos provides a complete e-commerce experience, enabling seamless transactions for educational content. What sets them apart is their impressive onboarding rules, which empower users to create adaptive learning programs tailored to their specific audience's needs.“

John Leh
CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning

Breakthrough external training.


Deliver certifications and automate recertification

Multi Domain

Personalize content for each audience


Deliver certification programs

Reporting & Analytics

Advanced analytics & tracking


Engage learners on the go

Learning Journeys

Create adaptive learning; personalize training paths.


Deliver certification programs

Custom Portal Branding

Enhance customer experience

Integrations that work for you.

Don't take our word for it.

With you every step of the way.​

Frictionless onboarding

Eurekos partners with you from goal setting and needs analysis to set up and training.

Implement in weeks, not months

Our agile onboarding process shrinks the time from kick-off call to roll-out.  

Eurekos takes you further, faster

Continuously improve

Game-changing growth is a journey, not an event. Penetrate new markets and reach new audiences through continuous improvements.

Build a fanatical following

Educate and engage customers and partners in your story. Help them fall in love with your product and become your fiercest advocates.

Deliver training that grows your bottom line. 

Pricing starts at $425/month for 50 active users