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The Social Hub

Product info | Social Hub | Eurekos

The social hub makes integrated learners

Unique to Eurekos is full social integration. Through cross-channel communication we break the barriers of the traditional private system approach to learning also known as the walled garden problem.

Specifically this means that communication and sharing for learning and teaching purposes can be done through various channels such as twitter and facebook in combination with internal options feeds from communities, courses, learning teams and more – and reach out to channels already adopted.

Learners can actively participate on included external channels without necessarily being logged in to the any “legacy system” and through any device. Teachers can include dynamic external sources, topic matter experts, previous students (alumni), stakeholders and organize all these this into the course setup.

The Ultimate Guide to
Closing Skills Gaps—Fast

By David Perring, David Patterson, Hans van Bergen, Kenny Munck, Nick Etlar Eriksen, Søren Rågård,  and Omeed Aminian. 

7 Industry experts provide sensible solutions about how you can identify and close nagging skills gaps in your organization.

The Ultimate Guide to Closing Skills Gaps—Fast - cover
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