New LMS review from Learning Light

Product Review of the Eurekos LMS, by David Patterson of Learning Light

Review of the Eurekos LMS, by David Patterson of Learning Light. “Eurekos has put an amazing level of thought and detail into making it incredibly easy for the busy training team to create and manage content. It is not bluster.”  These are the words of David Patterson, a recognized expert in training technologies and worldwide best…

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June 2018 | Release note

Release notes 2018 | Eurekos

This major release brings Eurekos to version 4.0 with focus on presenting your course materials to your learners, employees and clients through advanced automation workflows, auto enrollment functionality and easy administration.   Set your content free and start harvesting the benefits of your investment. Roughly 25.000 hours has been invested in this release.   Overview…

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The New Eurekos LMS Provides Organizations Unprecedented Tools to Rapidly and Effectively Close Skill Gaps

Eurekos LMS | Hero Image

The latest release of Eurekos LMS is disrupting the learning industry by doing exactly the right thing – putting content first.   The platform makes training content quicker and easier to develop, integrates delivery (including social learning), enables powerful administration, delivers insightful analytics, and is more effective in achieving the short and long-term goals of…

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Eurekos LMS Makes Impressive Debut on Craig Weiss’ Learning Systems Ranking

2018_Top-25-LMS Award Logo | Eurekos LMS

Copenhagen, Denmark – 14 February 2018 – Eurekos announced today that its content-focused learning management system (LMS) placed #22 on Craig Weiss’ Top Learning Systems for 2018 report. Eurekos was one of 1000+ LMSs reviewed by Weiss. By debuting in his top 25, it shows the growing need for high performance LMSs with built-in authoring…

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Production and single sourcing

Product Info | Course builder | Eurekos

Just-in-time content production and single sourcing From a business perspective, whether enterprise or education, it all starts with effective content creation and maintenance. Just-in-time content production is suited to the business realities we are all facing today. This is true whether you are launching a new product, training employees and clients with last minute changes or adapting…

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The social hub

Product info | Social Hub | Eurekos

The social hub makes integrated learners Unique to Eurekos is full social integration. Through cross-channel communication we break the barriers of the traditional private system approach to learning also known as the walled garden problem. Specifically this means that communication and sharing for learning and teaching purposes can be done through various channels such as twitter and facebook in combination…

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Teams – share, collaborate and co-create

Product Info | Teams - share, collaborate and co-create v2 | Eurekos

It is a great place to communicate, organize, share ideas and materials and get and feedback from peers and experts.  Anyone can create a Team and invite members to participate. Teachers can follow discussions and facilitate if desired.   Core elements: ■ Message boards and comments streams to organise intense discussions in topics and subjects ■ Schedule…

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Communities – next generation forums

Communities - Teacher | Eurekos

It is a relevant question to ask: Are discussion forums even relevant anymore? Why should we bother? This is so old-fashioned! Quite the contrary in, in fact, but they need to move into the 21st Century. Search on google and see how many times you end up into a discussion forum somewhere. It is overwhelming. They are everywhere…

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