The Ultimate Guide to
Closing Skills Gaps—Fast

By David Perring, David Patterson, Hans van Bergen, Kenny Munck, Nick Etlar Eriksen, Søren Rågård,  and Omeed Aminian. 

7 Industry experts provide sensible solutions about how you can identify and close nagging skills gaps in your organization.

The Ultimate Guide to Closing Skills Gaps—Fast - cover

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  • 1

    Introduction: The Corporate Skills Gap Problem

  • 2

    6 Steps to Identifying the Skills Gaps in Your Organisation

    Describes an approach for helping you identify and analyse your organisation’s skills gaps.

  • 3

    How to Change Your Content Production Paradigm

    Examines how to change your training content paradigm—especially the leadership component needed for it to succeed.

  • 4

    Building a Lasting Learning Culture

    Shares three learning trends that can help you build a learning culture in your organization to keep the skills gaps at bay forevermore.

  • 5

    Empowering Your People to Create Rapid Content

    Provides a step-by-step plan for empowering your subject matter experts to create training content rapidly.

  • 6

    How Hogeschool Utrecht Created 400 Courses in a Few Months (and 1,700 in Three Years)

    Offers a rapid production case study and shares lessons learned from an organisation that created literally hundreds of courses for its students in an expedited amount of time.

  • 7

    Making Learning Stick

    Explores how to supercharge your learning and training with social elements and collaboration.

  • 8

    How to Identify the Best Kind of Learning System for Closing Your Skills Gap

    Includes a checklist on the features and functions your organisation should shop for in selecting a next-generation learning platform that will help you close the skills gaps your organisation faces.

  • 9

    Next Steps for Mending the Gap

"Right now, the best remedy you have for leading through the technological disruption is by making sure your workforce can pivot as new needs—products, services, discoveries, opportunities—arise. And that will require you to tackle head on any skills gaps separating your operation from success."

-  Kenny Munck, CEO and Founder of Eurekos. 

The Ultimate Guide to Closing Skills Gaps—Fast - cover

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The Ultimate Guide to Closing Skills Gaps—Fast