Fosway 9-Grid Agrees: Eurekos Is The Learning and Training Platform You Need

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Fosway Group released its 2021 9-Grid for learning management systems, and for the third year in a row, Eurekos is identified as a potential challenger. Suppose you are new to the Fosway 9-Grid. In that case, it is a 5-dimensional market analysis model that helps buyers like you identify which learning and training systems will work best for your company.

The learning and training system market is very competitive and crowded. As a result, Fosway works to identify and compare the best solution providers and present high-level actions that help companies get the best from their vendors.

Fosway places solutions in any of their nine assessment zones according to how they perform in terms of performance, market presence, potential, future trajectories, and total cost of ownership.

Eurekos identifies as a potential challenger in the 9-Grid system. But what is a potential challenger? It is generally a learning and training system with solutions that carry capabilities across a complete functional range.

The Eurekos LMS is fast becoming the learning management solution of choice for many organizations.

  • It provides a platform that has high-value learning capabilities. Fosway identifies Eurekos as a solution partner with an excellent user-friendly interface, high value, robust features, strong integrations and language options, integrated content authoring tools, and much more, which helps the LMS work across multiple organizational needs.
  • The Eurekos platform has been specifically designed to support companies throughout the learning paradigm. From enrollment, content production, distribution, and analysis, the Eurekos LMS has the right features to give you a fresh perspective on learning.

Strong Levels of Competency

When evaluating competency in the learning and training system market, the 9-Grid model, in itself, is designed to offer value in each of the sections of analysis. Therefore, each solution provider that appears in the 9-Grid is already considered to have immeasurable value.

Moreover, Fosway collects its data from corporate feedback given by companies with experience working with the solution providers in the Grid. This means that the positioning of the platform solutions in the Grid already provides evidence of competency.

Having said that, this is how Eurekos measures based on the performance and potential metrics of the 9-Grid system:

  1. Eurekos has rich solutions that meet the needs of enterprise-class businesses. It offers depth in its functionalities across all learning and training platform elements while managing to remain significantly sophisticated for narrow focus needs.
  2. Eurekos meets the needs of organizations across a wide-range of specifications, including customer training, compliance training, skills training, sales training, channel training and more on a global scale.

A Great Future Ahead

For any company to buy into a solution provider, future growth and compatibility with scalable integrations become a priority.

  • Fosway believes that Eurekos is building its future through enhancements and innovation. This verdict implies that our solutions are not bound to lose ground in the future, especially concerning the capability of our solutions and innovations compared to other solution providers in the market.
  • Fosway sees that Eurekos is a solution provider that continuously enhances its capabilities to fit its customers’ needs. Eurekos is positively trending towards becoming a core challenger, meaning our customer and market performance is enhancing.
  • Eurekos is moving towards being a solution leader in the marketplace and is along the path to success.

Why Should you Trust Fosway?

Fosway’s method of analysis is not a flash in the pan. Having been in existence since 2008, it is unique because it offers both an understanding of the market while giving pointers into how companies can get the best from their vendors. Here’s how:
  • Its five-dimensional model gives you five insights into the LMS solution you seek to incorporate into your business.
  • Each of the zones in the 9-Grid system has value. Therefore, you get a chance to select the solution that best suits your business needs.
  • It offers a fresh European first perspective, meaning you are not limited to US metrics and analysis.
  • It is very accessible to HR professionals.
  • You can easily identify the value tradeoff between the total cost of ownership and value potential for any solution in the grid.
Contact Eurekos to learn more about how our Fosway 9-Grid position can benefit your organization’s learning and training needs.

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