Eurekos LMS Features: Comprehensive Learning Management Tools

The Eurekos LMS features deliver a comprehensive range of learning management tools, catering to the needs of any company. Eurekos goes above and beyond, offering additional functionalities to enhance the learning experience.

Smart Onboarding

The most effective way to reduce customer and partner churn is a swift onboarding process that delivers immediate value. Now you can give every type of customer a unique learning journey that’s exactly what they need to succeed. No more. No less. Eurekos LMS is smart partner and customer onboarding software with advanced automation rules and functionality that engages learners with the perfect path. Administrators also benefit from advanced tools to track approvals, customize by persona, certifications, progress tracking, e-commerce, and integrations with third parties.

Engaging Collaboration and Sharing

Eurekos recognizes the importance of combining online facilitation, collaboration tools, and knowledge sharing to enhance the learning experience and improve outcomes. The platform integrates communities of peers, subject matter experts, clients, and channel partners, allowing for seamless communication, feedback, file sharing, and collaboration. It also offers features to facilitate projects and deadlines, automate user management, and provide secure data sharing.

Create rich learning content at speed

Don’t keep your customers and partners waiting - get them up to speed as quickly as possible with your integrated course authoring tool, which is built into the Eurekos LMS. You’re able to rapidly update content whenever you need to, hassle free.

Easily import SCORM packages and content from external providers.

And with integrated asset taggings, you only have to update content once and it automatically updates wherever else it’s used.

Unlimited branded portals

Elevate customer engagement and foster loyalty with limitless branded portals to enhance the customer experience and drive long-term retention. Your customers and partners want a personalized experience. Branded portals give you the ability to deliver unique training environments to an unlimited number of customers, each with their own content catalog, E-commerce, security, integrations, and branding.

Powerful E-commerce solutions

Eurekos e-commerce solutions give you the flexibility to blend and adapt e-commerce models, catalogues, and course offerings to cater to multiple groups. Configure your storefront for paid or free content with coupons, discounts, bundles, multiple currencies, virtual credits, loyalty programs, VAT/TAX by country, and online payment through multiple payment providers. Provide secure credit card payments with native Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Build the Perfect Learning Journey

With Learning Journeys, you can create blended learning paths that address the unique needs and unpredictable routes that learners take to master a subject. Learning Journeys have rich functionality that engage learners to build a perfect journey and track ongoing progress. On the flip side, it also gives administrators approval tools, persona customization, certification, e-commerce, and integrations with third parties.

Certify with Confidence

You’ll build passionate product advocates with Eurekos certification tools. Our advanced tools help you create a more engaged customer and partner who is loyal, proficient, and passionate about your products. Eurekos also simplifies the management of complex certification programs with comprehensive features and automation tools.

Mobile app for learning on the go

The Eurekos LMS Mobile App allows users to learn anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection. With features like offline training, progress tracking, automatic calendar reminders, and easy access to certifications, the app provides a seamless learning experience on mobile devices. Users can also explore additional content and courses through the mobile course catalog and stay updated on their course progress and learning path.

Integrated course authoring for rapid content creation

Empower everyone to create engaging, intuitive content directly within your Eurekos LMS with integrated course authoring. 40+ customizable, interactive learning tools enable quick, easy, just-in-time course authoring.

Take your videos to the next level by adding a wide range of interactive elements.

Versatile Administration

Eurekos supports versatile process flows, learning paths, and scheduling through flexible roles. It provides a range of features to design and manage learning delivery for any audience, regardless of organizational requirements. These features include support for various learning methodologies (virtual facilitated, blended, self-paced, or hybrid), advanced course administration options, certification programs, automated email workflows, bulk user administration, decentralized management options, surveys and reports, e-commerce capabilities, and more. Eurekos also includes features like QR codes for access, onboarding automation, and integration with external tools like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Google Meet, and Adobe.

Learning Delivery for Any Audience

The advanced learning delivery capabilities of Eurekos will help you reach any audience and accommodate different organizational requirements. It offers a range of features for designing and managing learning processes, including support for various learning methodologies, advanced course administration options, bulk user administration, surveys, polling, statistics, and reports. Eurekos has a refined user experience, white labeling options, multi-tenancy, content creation and distribution, integrated video streaming service, and a comprehensive course administration system.

Remote Learning and Virtual Instructor Led Training

Eurekos supports remote learning and virtual instructor-led training with plug and play integrations with popular online tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, and more. The platform provides decentralized workflow options, communication and collaboration tools, recommendations based on interests, analytics for customer adoption and distributor information, streamlined enrollment processes, and integration with CRM systems like Salesforce.

Real-Time Compliance

Eurekos provides instant insights into general compliance status across an organization. It offers auditing features that allow users to confirm and deliver proof of compliance at various levels, including client organizations. The platform enables on-demand reporting and exports that provide instant proof of compliance for audits

Decentralization Management

Eurekos facilitates the management of complex scenarios by offering decentralization across services and facilities. This helps in understanding end-of-life and recertification cycles, making it easier to manage and track various processes.

Enjoyable User Experience

Eurekos provides an enjoyable and user-friendly interface. It offers a Netflix-style experience with intuitive and direct features focused on every role. The platform ensures clear progress views, compatibility with various devices, universal design principles, and adherence to accessibility standards.

Global Video Streaming is Integrated, Private, and Secure

Eurekos features a native integration with AWS CloudFront CDN, providing unlimited, private, and secure video streaming services. Users can take advantage of automatic video transcoding, multiple bitrates, permission controls, archiving, and integrated authoring tools. You’ll benefit from a secure video service with high-quality streaming and custom player features.

Build Strong Communities for Customers and Channel Partners

Eurekos allows users to incorporate communities of peers, clients, channel partners, and subject matter experts. It offers unique communication features, feedback mechanisms, file sharing, member-only access, loyalty incentives, and project facilitation tools. The platform enables users to leverage knowledge sharing and community-building to enhance the learning experience and foster collaboration.

Insightful Learning Analytics and Reporting

Eurekos tracks individual and cohort progress, compliance, and engagement. It provides benchmarking visuals, customized views for different roles, practical assessment management, certificate downloads, training transcripts, completion reports, and analytics integrated into email workflows. The platform also supports xAPI analytics and offers the option of integrating with a separate LRS.

Secure Multi-Federation SSO and User Provisioning

Eurekos supports single sign-on (SSO) and user provisioning from various systems, including Microsoft, Google, CRM, web portals, and more. This feature streamlines user management, onboarding, and content assignment based on rules and profile criteria, while also ensuring security and minimizing administrative tasks.

Integrated Course Authoring Tool

Eurekos eliminates the need for unwieldy third-party course authoring software. All the tools necessary to produce immersive and dynamic courses are available in one place.

You’ll heighten user engagement and retention with 40+ customizable, interactive learning tools, gamification, advanced learning paths, branching scenarios, and free global video streaming, conversion, and storage. And give subject matter experts and anyone in your organization the power to rapidly create engaging, intuitive content.

On-premise and cloud hosted

No matter where your LMS data and content reside, on the cloud or hosted in-house on your own servers, we have the solution for you. On-premise, also known as self-hosted, is a configuration that enables the complete implementation of your LMS databases and software on your own infrastructure. Essentially, it means being fully aware of the storage location, handling procedures, and authorized access to your LMS data, as it remains stored on your own servers.

With Eurekos’ cloud-hosted LMS, we handle everything so you can focus on what matters most – creating exceptional learning experiences. Simply log in from any location, on any device, and take charge of your course content creation and distribution.

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Seamless Integrations

Get the best of both worlds with a library of native integrations and open API integrations with your most important systems. Eurekos crafted seamless integrations with top-tier SaaS providers and services, ensuring connections that enhance user experience, maintain data consistency, and streamline administration tasks. Eurekos also offers an open API that enables data exchange between Eurekos and various systems, including your HRIS, CRM, CMS, video conferencing software, course authoring software, customer portals, and other legacy systems. Whether you prefer to handle it independently or seek our assistance, the integration process is flexible and adaptable to your needs.

130+ languages

Expand your global reach with 130+ supported languages and easy navigation localization. Eurekos supports these languages through a built-in translation interface, enabling effortless localization of navigation for every learner. You'll be able to customize everything from buttons, messages, and notifications so you speak the native language of all your customers, channel partners, and employees.

Airtight security

Achieve unparalleled privacy and security for your data with our comprehensive protection solutions. Eurekos lives and breathes the highest levels of security with certifications in both ISO/IEC 27001 and 27701, the most widely recognized international standards for security. This carries over to the Eurekos LMS, giving you unparalleled privacy and security to keep your sensitive data and materials safe. With extensive ISO/IEC certification and GDPR compliance, you’ll be in a safe pair of hands with Eurekos.

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