On-premise & cloud hosted LMS solutions

LMS Hosting to Suit Your Needs

No matter where your learning data and content need to reside, we have LMS hosting solutions to suit your needs. Eurekos can be a cloud-hosted LMS or be kept on-premise - in-house, on your own servers.

What is an on-premise LMS?

An on-premise LMS is a configuration that enables the complete implementation of your databases and software on your own infrastructure.

Also known as a self-hosted LMS, it means being fully aware of the storage location, handling procedures, and authorized access to your learner and course data, as it remains stored on your own servers.

Exclusive control and easy updates

Certain organizations, such as government institutions or others with stringent security requirements, often need to retain their data exclusively within their premises without any third-party access.

To address this need, Eurekos gives you options to ensure your data remains secure, regardless of where it is. Our unique solution offers complete disconnection from on-premises services, enabling Eurekos to provide updates through packages, scripts, and descriptions. 

You have full control over updates, managing them independently without any server access granted to anyone else.

Turnkey, in the cloud

With Eurekos’ cloud-hosted LMS, we take care of everything so you can focus on what matters most – creating exceptional learning experiences.

Simply log in from any location, on any device, and take charge of your course content creation and distribution.

If you’d like more information on LMS hosting in the cloud or on your site—request a demo today.

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