Re-imagine Customer Education

Extended Enterprise training can serve many organizational needs. You need a unique technology platform to enable learning delivery across multiple audiences; sales, clients and channel partners for training on products and services.

Increase product adoption and retain more loyal customers

Educated customers are more loyal customers. Eurekos provides the tools you need for rapid customer on-boarding and on-demand training through-out the customer’s life cycle.

Your products are changing all the time and it’s hard for training to keep up. Salespeople and channel partners need to know everything about your product to sell it and customers need to know how to use it


Customer training programs

Create lifelong customer advocates, improve product usage and increase sales.

Scale your training programs

Reach more customers faster, with self-paced or virtual training, enabling you to reach every contact and engage them based on their preferences.

Easy customer on-boarding

The tools you need for rapid customer on-boarding through multiple simultaneous on-boarding scenarios.


  • Customer on-boarding through multiple channels; CRM, customer portal integration and online sign up.
  • Decentralized workflow options – for managers and reporting.
  • QR codes for distribution with direct access for registered/unregistered users.
  • Ecommerce with payment, virtual credit, discount coupons in multiple currencies.
  • Communication and collaboration tools to address updates and changes.
  • Just-in-time course authoring.
  • Recommendations based on interests.
  • Certification for compliance.
  • Analytics to support customer adoption.

“we’re now able to reach a much larger percentage of our customers, with many new types of content that increase product usage and customer advocacy. In addition, we’ve localized training into 14 unique regions, which increases learner engagement”

Sabine Lindner, the Head of Sysmex Academy

Transform your partner channel with on-demand training and always updated resources

Empower your partner channel with real-time training and resources. Deliver the information they need to sell more of your products and services.

The tools you need to educate and certify your partners, re-sellers, vendors or franchises on any device. Empower partners throughout on-boarding, engage them with always updated resources across multiple audiences.

Continually optimize your partner channel through simplified business processes.


Certify partner readiness

Ensure partners are ready to sell and support your products and customers with flexible testing and certification tools.

Engage partners

Partners have a choice of what they sell. Provide training solutions and engagement tools that give them the edge they need.

Train on sales and support

Show your partners how to sell more products and how to provide ideal customer support.


  • Isolated and white labeled training audiences. 
  • On-boarding through multiple channels; CRM, and partner portal integration.
  • Decentralized workflow options.
  • Unambiguous access to resources and trainings.
  • Communication and collaboration tools to address updates and changes.
  • Partner portal  resources such as videos and documentation on products by category. 
  • Just-in-time authoring to always ensure your products and training are updated.
  • Certification for compliance.
  • Analytics and reports to support distributor information.

Ensure compliance across any regulatory requirement, policy or industry – and reduce risks

Compliance training is not an option; it is your defense against risk, both regulatory and within how you manage security, business processes and operations.

Automating your compliance training is the best way to ensure distribution and provides the means to detect and manage non-compliance.


Real-time compliance

Provide an instant picture on general compliance implementation across any area of the organization.

Decentralization management

Make complex scenarios easy to manage with decentralization across services and facilities to understand end-of-life and recertification cycles.


Confirm and deliver proof at any level of the organization. Even at a client’s organization with on-demand reporting.


  • Decentralized compliance of report management.
  • Automated recertification processes.
  • Decentralized, streamlined enrollment processes. 
  • Exports enable instant proof of compliance for audits.
  • Communication tools to address compliance updates and  changes.
  • Integration of training statistics with your CRM system.
  • Just-in-time authoring to keep compliance training updated at a moment’s notice.

“Eurekos has enabled us to take training to the next level. Thanks to the ease of use of the platform and the ability to create interactive and engaging content, our Academy has quickly become the new standard for our trainings”

Jessany Van’t Hoff , the Head of Global Gaming Partnerships

Leverage engaging self-paced, facilitated or virtual training and coaching

Reach any audience with advanced learning delivery; sales training, project management, tender management or any type of industry skills improvement, with or without accreditation.

A non-restrictive environment that lets you design your own processes with easy learning delivery and the flexibility to include facilitation options to execute your learning approach.


Methodology and didactics

Soft skills training comes in many forms depending on the topic and the expected outcome. You need flexible and robust facilitation options for advanced scheduling, handling assessments and similar didactics.

Collaboration and sharing

Organizations understand that you need to combine online facilitation, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing to get a real ROI on soft skills training.


Versatile process flows, learning paths and scheduling is effectively supported through flexible roles.


  • Any learning methodology; virtual facilitated, blended, self-paced or hybrid approach.
  • Advanced course administration; waiting lists, user-initiated cancellation,  seating and access restrictions..
  • Program support throughout the learning journey.
  • Multiple assessment certification options.
  • Automated email workflows and reminders.
  • Onboarding automation.
  • Collaborative spaces for any type of communication or coaching.
  • Bulk user administration.
  • Surveys, polling, statistics and reports.
  • E-commerce; products and discount options.
  • QR codes and unregistered user access for pre-boarding and unknown users.
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