Certify with Confidence

Certification Management Software

Eurekos LMS delivers certification management software to simplify program administration, with automation and tracking tools for customer and partner certificates.

Build passionate product advocates with Eurekos LMS certification tools.
Certification management software in Eurekos LMS

Certify for Success

Our advanced certification tool helps you build more engaged customers and partners who are loyal, proficient, and passionate advocates of your products.

Eurekos also simplifies the management of complex certification programs with comprehensive features and automation tools.

Say Goodbye to Complexity and Human Error

Certification programs are notoriously complicated and high maintenance. Eurekos eases that administration burden and reduces human error.

Easily create, manage, and track certification using straightforward configurations and comprehensive tools for automatic recertification, notifications, and flexible completions criteria.

Powerful and flexible certification management

  • Build complex scenarios with multiple certifications per learning path
  • Validate with QR codes
  • Manual approvals
  • Design your own certifications and decentralize administration
  • Use a broad range issuance criteria with and/or flexibility
  • Ease certification compliance audits

Unlock the benefits of certification

Great certification management software will change your business!

  • Ignite customer engagement, elevate satisfaction, and drive their success to new heights.
  • Foster unwavering loyalty through customer education and deeper investment in your products.
  • Authenticate partner skills and product knowledge.
  • Cultivate self-reliance, resulting in a significant reduction in support calls.
  • Maximize proficiency and product usage
  • Reduce customer and partner churn, securing long-term relationships and growth.

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