LMS for Training Companies: Eurekos

Eurekos is the ideal LMS for training companies, helping them to drive ROI, revenue and customer engagement.

There are hundreds of training companies competing for a limited number of customers. How can you ensure your training company stands out in a crowded market?

And, importantly, how can you guarantee you have the tools and technologies in place to provide branded customer portals, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue?

Eurekos is ideal for training companies who want to level up their offering. With Eurekos, you can easily create learning for an unlimited number of customer organisations.

You (and they) will benefit from:

  • Integrated e-commerce for monetizing your training content. Our integrated
    LMS e-commerce solutions make it easy to sell courses online.
  • Learning paths for increasing the average sale and providing clear training and certification progression
  • Continuous engagement keep your customers happy with an LMS that keeps students engaged and increase training consumption

Other features you will find useful:

  • Unlimited branded portals ensure every customer experience is an extension of their own brand with multi-tenant LMS solutions, unique content, security, and e-commerce
  • Native integrations to connect your LMS with the rest of your technology ecosystem
  • Mobile apps for anytime, anywhere learning
  • 130+ languages for localized navigation for your global customers
  • Integrated course authoring for rapid course creation

“Eurekos has been a great fit for our business model with strong e-commerce, global delivery, and the ability to showcase our video-centric curriculum. They have made life so much easier and went the extra mile to help us succeed.”

Sveinung Bjerk-Amundsen
VP of Sales Apis Training

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