January 2019 I Release Notes

New and Improved in Version 6:

Introduced end of February 2019:

  • Easy Theming
  • xAPI statistics expansion
  • Fully Automated Teams administration
  • General improvements and updates

Easy Theming

The Eurekos product design philosophy is to remove clutter and make things easy for users and administrators. With this release, we made it even easier and faster to theme your platform. This allows a “graphics agency” approach where you can change primary and secondary colours, fonts, etc. to perfectly match your brand standards.with only a few clicks. 

  • More options to set individual font changes on course pages.
  • Easier approach to creating your visual profile in only a few clicks.

This is a big first step in a grand plan to make theme customization extremely easy in your Eurekos platform.

xAPI Analytics

With each release, we develop additional statistics and learning analytics, since it’s such a key part of learning management. For this release, we have implemented several noteworthy improvements:

  • The statistics are tracked for all roles, not just learners.
  • User roles that are higher than instructor will be able to drill down and access instructor dashboards to access learner statistics.
  • All supported data on H5P elements are included in the data collection. This is a massive amount of data and is a great source for business intelligence and artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • New simple exports are available for admins to quickly track learner progress.

All roles supported in sign-up

All roles can now sign up for courses and have access to the course listings similar to the traditional learner role. Additional dashboard elements with “Courses I attend” will show up on the dashboard as needed.

  • User management by Platform Admins and Course Admins are updated to include all roles
  • Manual sign-up for courses in the catalogue for all roles
  • All roles produce statistical output


H5P libraries are updated to the newest version.


Fully Automated Teams administration

Teams has been redesigned and includes theworld’s first course feed integration. This allows social learning and collaboration to be focused in a totally new way.

Supporting multiple teams in Discussion widget with switchers between feeds:
Supporting multiple teams in Discussion widget with switchers between feeds: 


  • Generate Teams automatically with each Training Activity with a single click.
  • Signing up/cancelling automatically enrols or removesTeam members from Training activities.
  • Bulk operation on additional Team management – as in “add all service technicians from Denmark” to a specific Team to boost and direct social learning and informal knowledge sharing, and community building.
Style updates for messages | Eurekos
Style updates for messages

Course pages:

Include Teams directly on course pages with the brand new Teams tool. Direct the focusof the learnerby adding a specific discussion on a specific course page, allowing Instructors to include dialogue in the content, not having to “leave the page” to participate on dynamic discussions. This even allows the facilitator of the training to direct specific topics on specific course pages, as appropriate in relation to the learning path.

  • New course building tool – insert Team feeds on pages
  • Direct specific targeted topics on select learning topics



  • Navigation has been simplifiedwith a focus on the discussion.
  • Files are auto-tagged when they are included in discussions and can be filtered from the Shared Files archive.
  • Notifications are updated and automatically going out (opt-out) toTeam members.
  • A new feature: global notifications are now shown as alerts atthe top of any page.
notification dropdown | Eurekos
Notification Dropdown

Note: The roadmap for Teams is ambitious. Simplicity and fancy easiness will continue during 2019, making Teams one of the the easiest-to-use and the most integrated collaboration tool available.

Additional General improvements

  • Security tokens on streaming videos now include deliberate public/private settings as far down as the individual video level. You can also share links for a customized period of time.
  • Updated user experience for vocabularies and terms.
  • Ability to restrict which courses are shown in the course catalog, per specific organization

Prepared update for release 6

Release 6 will also have a shortlist of improvements, which will be included as an update around 10 days after release.

  • Ability to rename/translate system roles by Platform administrator
  • A SCORM update, supporting upload of SCORM files with a more complex folder structure
  • Discussion widget is updated to support multiple teams/training activities whileswitching between feeds.
  • Statistics update to Teams to include how many files havebeen shared in a thread
  • Text alignment (justified, aligned right/left) in Text widget, so we can expand user abilities in content creation
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