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Just-in-time content production and single sourcing

From a business perspective, whether enterprise or education, it all starts with effective content creation and maintenance. Just-in-time content production is suited to the business realities we are all facing today.

This is true whether you are launching a new product, training employees and clients with last minute changes or adapting details as you develop services and products. For education this includes events of “this morning”, which you absolutely need to include 5 minutes before class starts. This is also what enables you to have a specialised training set up with a life cycle of only 2 weeks, still remaining a good business case.

Whatever the reason, this is what Eurekos solves for your organisation. And how?

Eurekos has been developed with the ambition of “what if you could start over and do it right?” Not in a lab, but with the combined might of 900 teachers and content developers. The authoring tool is one of a kind and custom engineered to be extremely effective and simple to use. This makes all the difference for just-in-time production.

What is single sourcing?

Single sourcing is when you create something once, re-use it in different relations but still only have one object to maintain. Any changes or updates to the object automatically filters out to any relation it has been used in.

This a fundamental concept in Eurekos.

Interactive elements, tests, assessments, videos and even entire courses can be combined and referenced in various relations, making maintenance a breeze. The organisation can share assets and is a very powerful way to keep your training materials relevant. Along with co-author abilities from a browser, anyone can collaborate – all over the world.

At a glance

■ Extremely efficient single-page authoring tool from any browser

■ Content driven: Any knowledge keeper can create or co-author

■ Single-sourcing/asset management for easy maintenance

■ Micro-learning concept through course and section combo

■ One-time publishing to multi-device (mobile, tablet, computers)

■ No software install

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